RUSH: ‘BOGUS’ Mueller Investigation Waiting For A ‘Woodward And Bernstein’ To EXPOSE This For What It Really Is

RUSH: I think what we’re looking at here in this whole investigation as I have characterized it the last two days — and I’m not gonna start yelling about it again. But it frosts me that this whole thing is bogus on a false premise, that it’s a pure trap, that there’s no collusion, and that everything happening to people here is process crimes: Obstruction of justice or lying to investigators.

None of this should be happening because the premise of this investigation didn’t happen. There is no collusion. This investigation is, in my estimation, one of the biggest news stories in generations. This investigation and the bogus nature of it — the political nature of it, the origins of it — is waiting for a Woodward-Bernstein to come along and expose this for what it really is, because Trump is a chump player compared to what this is.


RUSH: Look, I don’t have time to detail this, but let me run through this real quick, ’cause to me, this is a Woodward and Bernstein story that surrounds us every day. I think it’s the biggest story in generations. I think it’s bigger than Watergate, and the Drive-Bys are sitting around ignoring it because they’re part of it. They really are — in this case — acting as opposition to the people. We have a corrupt bunch of Democrats who are attempting to overthrow a president. That is such a huge story. But they’re in on it. They’re helping.

So they’re trying to cover that up. Imagine if a real journalist wanted to do this story. We have top FBI officials working for Hillary Clinton, the campaign loser. They are abusing their powers to try to find out garbage about an incoming Republican transition team. We have James Comey, the FBI director, exonerating Hillary Clinton of all crimes before even interviewing her. We have massive leaks from every branch of the government that are all lies.

Those come from every aspect of the executive branch, the deep state. We have a guy who changed wording to a non-crime to protect Hillary, who is working on the investigative team of Trump. We have Comey — a Mueller butt-lick for years — leaking information illegally to the New York Times. That’s just half the list of things going on here. I see now by looking at the clock that I’m gonna have to finish this tomorrow. This, to me, is big. But they’re in on it!


HA HA HA! Rush Limbaugh HILARIOUSLY Adds Charlie Rose To ’60 Minutes’ Iconic Opening

RUSH: So Sunday night on 60 Minutes or 50th anniversary after an opening montage on footage from stories spanning the last 50 years (not any of them including my profile), they played their iconic opening listing all of their contributors. You know, “I am Morley Safer. I am Ed Bradley. I’m Steve Kroft. I’m Lesley Stahl,” and you’re not one of us. It’s that opening they do.

They left somebody out.

They left somebody out, and we decided to add that somebody in. So here is their version…


RUSH: If you can put “50 years of 60 Minutes” in 60 minutes, there must not have been much happening in the 50 years. But they tried it. They left somebody out and it was obvious that they didn’t include somebody. So we did.


RUSH: (laughing) How can you do this and leave out Charlie Rose? He was there. They knew who he was. They left him out. How conspicuous is that? This is not an admission? So we thought it was a disservice to Charlie and his contributions to 60 Minutes and CBS. So we put him back in there.


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Rush Limbaugh To Lena Dunham: Hillary Clinton Didn’t Need To Be Told About Harvey Weinstein

RUSH: Lena Dunham, if you’re out there, or if there are any of Lena Dunham’s friends listening, I want to be helpful here. I don’t think Hillary Clinton needed to be told that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual pervert. She knew that Harvey ran with her husband. That’s all she would have had to know. She didn’t need to be told. You think she needed to be told? You think when the word was passed on, “By the way, Lena Dunham says, be wary of Harvey ’cause this guy is a rapist, sexual abuser,” Hillary was surprised? She didn’t stop using him, did she? She probably said, “Tell me something I don’t know.” She probably might have even have said to the aide, “Yeah, you know. My husband runs with the guy.”



RUSH: The Obama administration has weaponized the FBI, weaponized the CIA, weaponized the NSA, and weaponized the IRS against Obama’s political opponents, which happen to also be Hillary’s political opponents. And it only got worse after Trump won.

Obama weaponized the IRS with Lois Lerner. Now the IRS is joined by the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, the leadership, being weaponized to, A, deny the results of a duly constituted and legal federal election, number one. And number two, to thwart the duly elected president and his agenda, all for the purposes of preserving the absolute mess and disaster that was the Obama administration for eight years.

We have been witnessing the FBI and its top leadership and Mueller and some people from the DOJ, Obama holdovers trying to pull off a real life coup here.


RUSH: Leftist Democrat Men Are The Exact Opposite Of The Way They Present Themselves

RUSH: Thirty minutes ago it was four women in the Senate who were demanding now that Al Franken resign. The number has now elevated to six, six female Democrat senators demanding that Al Franken resign. Another woman has popped up and said that Franken couldn’t wait to plant a juicy, wet kiss on her after some kind of deception, said she was grossed out. There will be more because what we are learning is that this is a way of life for Al Franken. These are not aberrational instances. They are not occasional happenstances. It appears to be a way of life.

And it’s not just Al Franken. The more we are learning about leftist Democrat men, especially those men in the media, many of them, and in entertainment, Hollywood, whatever, man, oh, man, are they the exact opposite of the way they present themselves. I’ve often wondered about this. It’s one of these things that the left, it’s been an interesting dichotomy.

The conservative movement, the Republican Party’s the home of family values, right? And they’re mocked and made fun of and laughed at and teased, impugned and all that. And every now and again you have some right-winger, some Republican who falls off the great moral pedestal, and the left pounces and they talk about what a bunch of hypocrites the conservatives are, and what a bunch of prudes.

So they run that pedestal faller right out of his life, right out of whatever world he’s living in, be it politics or business. And they try it without even the slightest deviation from norm because when you have a platform that’s family values and you waver from it — and we all fail now and then. All of us have moral failings. But they are given no latitude, no leeway whatsoever.

But the point about it to me is, look at the people making the allegations. They come at it as though they are perfect, that they are paragons of moral virtue and they’re right on all the leftist issues. They’re pro-choice, which means they’re pro-abortion. They are supposedly great feminists. They have all of this respect for women, and look at what the truth is. The truth is that they are the true reprobates. They are not those who occasionally fall off of a moral pedestal. They deny and don’t even exist on a moral pedestal while claiming to lead it, while claiming to define it.

They sit in judgment of everybody else while they are perhaps the greatest examples of moral failure you could ever hope to come across. And that is what we have been learning in the last few months, starting with the Harvey Weinstein revelations.