RUSH: Calypso Louie Just UNLOADED On Obama

RUSH: Sunday at the Men’s Day program hosted at Union Temple Baptist church in Washington, DC, the Nation of Islam grand pooh-bah, Minister Louis Farrakhan, said to President Obama, “Your people are suffering and dying in the streets of Chicago, so you failed to do what should have been done.”  Farrakhan continued by saying it’s time to let Donald Trump do what he wants to, because he’s not destroying your legacy.

Farrakhan said, “So you Democrats, you been in their party a long time. Answer me, what did you get? You got a president. He is worried about his legacy. You want Hillary to get in to protect your legacy because Trump said the minute he gets in, he is going to reverse the Affordable Care Act. Because that is your signature achievement.

“To show you how hateful the enemy is, he hates that you achieve what you did achieve. So he said I’m going to tear it up when I get in. So he don’t want his legacy destroyed. Mr. President, let the man do, if he get in, what he wants to because he is not destroying your legacy. If your legacy is bound up in an Affordable Care Act that only effects a few million people and they are trying to make it really difficult for those of us who signed up, that’s not your legacy.

The Legacy of President Obama with Black peopleMinister Farrakhan to President Barack Obama: “You didn’t earn your legacy with Black people. You fought for the rights of gay people. You fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets!”

Posted by Minister Louis Farrakhan on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

“But I just want to tell you, Mr. President, you’re  from Chicago and so am I. I go out in the streets with the people. I visited the worst neighborhoods. I talked to the gangs. And while I was out there talking to them they said ‘You know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come. Could you get him to come and look after us?’  There’s your legacy, Mr. President, it’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mr. President. And If you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy.”

So Calypso Louie just unloaded to Obama on Sunday, essentially charging his priorities are all out of whack.  What legacy?  You ain’t gonna have no legacy if all you think it is, is health care.  Your people are dying.  Your people are getting killed.  You don’t care.  And then Douglas Wilder of the noted Wilder Effect, the former governor of Virginia, has come out and trashed Hillary, claiming she takes the black vote for granted.


Rush Limbaugh Explains Why Hillary Isn’t 50 Points Ahead

RUSH: Let me take a stab at this nevertheless.  Hillary wants to know why she’s not 50 points ahead.  I’m sure you could help her as well.  Let’s see if I can help explain it to her.  Benghazi.  Four Americans dead and your reaction was to lie about a video being responsible and then to say, “What difference does it make now?” that four Americans died.  People heard that.  Libya, absolute disaster.  Syria, where Mrs. Clinton wants a hundred thousand additional Syrian refugees pouring in the country.


Hillary’s hidden email server.  This could be another thing Mrs. Clinton, why you aren’t 50 points ahead, dealing in classified material that you didn’t seem to care whether it was private or not, lackadaisical, plus you’re trying to hide things from people.  You’re not honest about your shockingly ill health, Mrs. Clinton.  You just can’t have these public episodes, seizures and near collapses and wandering eyes and all the others that we’ve seen.

The Democrats are living in fantasy land if they think people aren’t noticing or if they think people won’t care.  I actually saw a little blurb, I think it was yesterday in advance of today’s release of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.  And the blurb was that voters didn’t really care about Hillary’s sickness episode, didn’t bother them at all.  And, by the same token, they weren’t bothered by something Trump said or did.  It was a bipartisan, “The American voter didn’t care,” and I looked at it, and I said, “Frankly, I’m sorry, I don’t believe this.”

I do not believe that people paying attention during a presidential year are not going to factor the health of one of the two nominees, particularly if it’s as bad as Hillary’s is.  How about Mrs. Clinton saying that Trump’s voters can be put into a basket of deplorables?  How about all these riots in the streets, smearing of local police, open borders, sanctuary cities?  Her voice: “I ain’t no ways tired.”  She can’t attract flies.

She had another rally yesterday or the day before.  Folks, the number of people were in the hundreds.  The number was somewhere in the hundreds.  She just can’t draw flies.  There is no magnetism, there is no excitement to her rallies.  People don’t care.  She’s not likable.  She’s not trustworthy.  I could go on and on.  Why aren’t you 50 points ahead?  There are a whole lot of reasons.


RUSH: Hillary And Obama Are Willing To Sacrifice Charlotte In Order To Turn Out The Black Vote

RUSH: So what really is at work here is that truth is not what matters.  Black Lives Matter is what is going on.  And what’s driving this is the need for outrage in the black community because of the need for black voter turnout.  That is why Obama hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  This is why Hillary hasn’t made move one to tamp this down.  They need the chaos. “Que bono?” Who benefits?  They need the chaos, they need the rage, they need the anger, they need all of this.

The playing of the race card is to generate black turnout for Democrats.  I know it isn’t gonna happen, folks. I’m just saying if I were one of these people, if I were one of the African-Americans living in these inner city neighborhoods and I had been voting Democrat all these years — seriously — my anger might not be directed a bunch of people I don’t know and cops and this kind of things, because voting Democrat comes with a lot of things.

When you vote Democrat, you’re voting for Santa Claus. You’re voting as a dependent. You’re voting for the Democrat Party to do things for you.  You’re voting for the Democrat Party to stop things happening to you.  And it’s not working.  And, meanwhile, as I say, Trump’s out there literally talking about unity and literally reaching out to elements of the African-American population all over this country, in inner city Democrat churches as well.

And then we learn that George Soros and the usual Democrat suspects are funding all of this.  Oh, that’s another bit of evidence that this is desired.  I mean, if somebody’s gonna give money to see to it that this continues to happen, i.e., donating to Black Lives Matter and whoever, then they must want this, because they must conclude that there’s some benefit to them.  So turning out the black vote is so important to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats, they’re willing to sacrifice another American city to do it.


RUSH WAS RIGHT!: People Are Now Demoing That The “NFL Can Be Easily TURNED OFF!”

RUSH: We’ve had two weeks of the NFL now.  Opening night ratings down, the Thursday night opener between the Broncos and the Panthers down. Then the first Sunday night game down, then the first Monday night.  The Steelers are normally ratings gold.  They have the biggest national fan base outside the Cowboys it’s close, nip and tuck.  That game, Steelers-Redskins was down compared to last year and compared to previous years.

Week 2 comes along, all the prime time games down again, the Sunday night prime time game on NBC down.  Monday night NFL, that was a yawner.  The Bears and the Eagles.  And so now we’ve got two weeks of data, the NFL’s numbers are down between 11 and 12, 14%.  They tell you that they’re not, no, no, we’re not panicking yet, of course not, because they’re still miles ahead of anything else on TV at the time, but you still can’t miss the trend.

And, you know, it’s funny because all these sportswriters are ringing their hands trying to explain it.  What in the world? Why?  We don’t quite understand it, and so they’re asking, is it because Brady is suspended?  Is it because there aren’t that many star quarterbacks like what’s his name in Dallas?  Dak Prescott, right.  There’s no star running back in Dallas, and there’s no — I mean, that’s what the sportswriters are asking.  The answer is right in front of their face.

I mean the sportswriters, if you really want to know, the sports media is contributing to the ratings decline by virtue of the way they’ve decided to report on the game.  The NFL front office are the Republicans, and the players are the victimized minorities, the referees are the cops, and that’s how football’s being reported today.  And football, sports, is where people go to get away from that garbage.  Fantasy football, the word “fantasy,” football, sports, that’s where you go to get away from all of that that you can’t escape the other days of the week.

But with media bringing all of this cultural and societal stuff straight into the league and the players helping out by acting like victims and perpetrators gives the media the perfect opportunity to write about football as though it’s not football, it’s just another element of American culture where there’s racism and bigotry and rich Republicans who don’t respect people and what have you.  And they won.

So you have guys like Kaepernick.  Colin Kaepernick, if it weren’t for football, would have to go out and get a loan to buy a car like anybody else.  It doesn’t wash.  Colin Kaepernick, a second string quarterback, trying to become famous for wanting everybody know he doesn’t think this is any great place and he doesn’t think it’s any great flag, and they think that people are gonna just ignore this or embrace it?  And then other players want to get in on the action and start copycatting this?

Then you’ve got members of the military saying, “You NFL players, you really want to compare yourselves to what we do?  You really think you’re brave sitting down for the national anthem?  You really think you’ve got courage by putting your fist in the air when the anthem’s playing?  You think because you put on shoulder pads and a helmet that you’re brave and courageous?  Try body armor and an AK-47 at minimum wage with people shooting bullets at you instead of throwing footballs at you.”

This is what people are saying.  And I, El Rushbo, ever prescient, back on 9/11.  Well, August 30th, when Kaepernick first started this caper.  I want to repeat, I want you to listen, ’cause I issued the following warning which looks like, after two weeks of data, that it might have been on to something.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  You players in the NFL, you can go ahead and try to continue stealing the stage of the NFL if you want.  You can take the example of Kaepernick and you can try to get some news coverage, you can draw attention to yourself, but you run the risk of obliterating the stage on which you perform that earns you your living and gives you the opportunity to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

You better be careful in what and how you express your thoughts on this country, the greatest place in the history of mankind.  And the residents of this country are among the luckiest in the history of all humanity.  The National Football League is on TV.  It can easily be turned off.  The National Football League is sponsored by beer and cars and soft drinks that can easily be not purchased.  It’s not that hard.  Just turn it off.

RUSH:  And go do something else.  It’s not that hard.  And people apparently, now, after two weeks are demo’ing that.  We’ll see when Brady comes back in Cleveland in a couple of weeks, whether he can revive the — I’m being facetious, of course.


RUSH: If Hillary Loses, Chicago 1968 Is Gonna Look Like Romper Room

EDITORS NOTE: This Is 2 Segments Combined For Your Convenience

RUSH: Okay, so we’ve got what happened in Charlotte. We have what happened in Tulsa.  Let’s throw Ferguson in there.  It all happens with Obama in the White House, so we move forward and next year, by definition, we’re gonna have somebody that’s not African-American in the White House.

What effect is that gonna have?  Look, this is a really good question, in a whole lot of ways that Josh may not have factored in his question.  For example, if either Hillary or Trump win, how much anger is there going to be that nobody’s even anticipating in the African-American community that the first African-American president is gone? (interruption) Well, you might say that the Constitution tells them he’s gonna go, but still he’s gone.  And what is going to be…?

We have no idea what the landscape is gonna be and the way news coverage, the media, are gonna be dealing with the post-Obama America. We don’t know what Obama’s gonna… Well, we do.  I know.  I know what Obama’s gonna be doing.  He’s gonna be guarding his legacy out there.  But how many African-Americans are going to — even though it’s all constitutional — still feel, I don’t know, cheated or, “Well, there’s that chance, and we blew it” or “there’s that chance and it’s not gonna happen again.”  How many are gonna feel positively about it for whatever reason?  Then you add to the specifics.

So we have to go down the specifics. Okay, Trump wins, and now there is something like Ferguson or something like… (sigh) Look, the first thing to say about that… (chuckles) I don’t know.  This is one of these things I really don’t want to answer ’cause I don’t want to create self-fulfilling predictions.  But let me just tell you this.  Let’s take race out of this for a moment, Josh.  If Hillary Clinton loses this, Chicago ’68 is gonna look like Romper Room on PBS for four-year-olds and under.

The left is not going to accept Hillary losing.  They’re just not. It’s not going to be a peaceful… and I don’t want to say this too much ’cause I don’t want to give people reason not to vote for Trump because of this.