LIMBAUGH: Obama Is The Reason Democrats Lost, NOT FOX NEWS!

RUSH: Predictably, the people at Fox News have been having a lot of fun with Obama in Rolling Stone blaming Fox News for the fact that Democrats lost the election. So here’s Obama. He’s complaining about… (laughing) He’s complaining about the fake news on Fox News in an interview at Rolling Stone, which is gonna probably lose $7.5 million in a civil suit for making up a story about rape that never happened at the University of Virginia.

So Obama is sitting for an interview by a bunch of fake news purveyors at Rolling Stone, and he’s praising them, and he’s asked, “What happened in the election, Mr. President? What happened? How come Trump won? This was a just a devastating loss to you and the Democrats. How did it happen?” That’s when Obama blamed Fox News. He said (summarized), “Well, at every bar in America people have Fox News on, and Fox News engages in fake news and so forth, and the idiots that watch Fox News believed it.”

Now, what Obama is doing there — and I don’t blame the people at Fox News for talking about it. But what Obama’s really doing there is trying to make sure that nobody blames him for what happened. And he’s the reason the Democrats lost. This is something that I think everybody needs… It’s gonna take a daily reminder, because the news narratives every day are not gonna focus on Obama. I mean, the Drive-Bys are gonna do everything they can to protect Obama, but Fox News is not why the Democrats lost, and this program is not why the Democrats lost.


RUSH: Why Isn’t FBI Investigating Threats Against Electors?

RUSH: By the way, why isn’t the FBI investigating all of these threats, these emails, these phone calls, this intimidation effort that’s underway against these electors?  Why isn’t the FBI investigating this?  I’m serious.  I know who runs the FBI; Obama runs the FBI.  But still, why isn’t somebody demanding it or calling for it?  This is the kind of stuff the left does, I’m just telling you, this this kind of stuff they do that everybody, ah, they laugh at it, they shrug it off, they shove it way out to the extreme.

Nothing’s gonna come of this, and something always does.  I’d keep a sharper eye on this, if I were in the Trump team, and maybe they are. I don’t know. But I’d keep a sharper eye on this than what it appears people are doing. Pay more attention to it, ’cause this is a sleazebag effort if there ever was one, and these are the kind of people that need to be pounded into the ground.  They need to be defeated to the point that they’re demoralized and don’t ever try this again.  That’s why… Well, I’m thinking sign surrender papers on the deck of the USS Missouri.


RUSH:  No.  I’m asking whether or not this effort to pressure the electors, 37 of them to change, is that not voter intimidation?  I mean, this is the bunch out there laughing at Trump claiming there’s all kinds of fraudulent voting going on and here these people are engaging in an attempt at it, all the while telling us Trump is a conspiracy kook.  Where is the FBI on this?  Where is the civil rights division?


LIMBAUGH: If Trump Just Enforces Immigration Law People Will Be More Than Happy

RUSH: And we have had too many years of the United States government not enforcing its own laws, and that’s what’s rubbed people wrong. That’s what has enraged people.  That simple fact explains so much of the opposition to the Washington establishment. Just that.  By not enforcing the laws, the country’s economy is under siege and our culture is under siege.  And then, after Democrats were elected and it appeared that is what they wanted, then the energy to resist it became even greater, and that’s why Donald Trump’s been elected.

And I’m just here to tell those of you in the media and those of you in the left, if Donald Trump doesn’t build a wall but nevertheless enforces immigration law, everything’s gonna be fine with his supporters, because the objective is not to build a wall.  The objective is not to have a tourist location.  “Wow, go look at the wall Trump built!”  The objective is to save the U.S. economy and the United States culture, and if the enforcement of already existing law can accomplish a good part of that, then people will be more than happy that it’s been done.

Now, I don’t know whether there’s gonna be a wall built — and if there is, how big, how many miles — or any of that.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  All I’m trying to tell you is that if Trump doesn’t build a wall, it’s not gonna be a strike against him as far as I’m concerned.  I’m not gonna take to the air, “See? He lied! He didn’t mean that.”  That’s not… If he doesn’t enforce the immigration laws, then that’s gonna be problems.  If nothing changes where illegal immigration’s concerned, that’s where he’s gonna have a problem.

But if the effort is made to fix this, and it’s a serious effort, and if it succeeds, and if Trump hangs in and commits on his real pledge, and that is to end this, the fact that there’s a wall or not will be incidental.


RUSH: Trump Announces Saving 1000 Jobs And It Has Obama STEAMING!

RUSH: Trump announces saving a thousand jobs, and it’s a bigger economic announcement than any Barack Obama has had in eight years.  That’s what they’re steaming about in the White House.  Trump goes out and tweeting that he has saved a thousand jobs at Carrier in Indiana, and it’s bigger economic news than anything Obama announced. Bigger than his stimulus, which didn’t work. Bigger than Obamacare, which is an albatross around this nation’s neck and is gonna have to be dispatched and rebuilt.

Practically everything Obama touched has been damaged to one degree or another.  I think it’s quite telling that an announcement of saving a thousand jobs is maybe the biggest economic news this country has had — the most uplifting, shall we say — in eight years, and they know it at the White House, and they know it at the Democrat Party.  And they’ve not had experience dealing with this because they have not had a functioning opposition, which was out to defeat them, or fix their mistakes.  They’re up against things they have no preparation for, no recent experience dealing with.


RUSH:  “Petty” is right.  That’s the exact word to describe Josh Earnest and the Regime reacting to Trump saving a thousand jobs at Carrier.  “Well, he’s only got 804 more jobs like that to save and then we’ll be in the same territory.”  Pettiness.  It is infantile and childish — and expect more of it.


RUSH: Trump Was Daring ‘WACKO PROTESTERS’ To Burn More Flags

RUSH: I plainly will tell you what Donald Trump was doing, and he may not even know it.  This may just be instinctive with him.  Sending out a tweet claiming to strip the citizenship of flag burners and maybe put ’em in jail was to accomplish two things:  He was sending a message of how he thinks about it, what he thinks about people that do that, and, more importantly, how much he loves America and its symbols.

The second thing he was doing was tweaking them.  He wanted more flag burning.  He wanted ’em to go out there.  He was tweaking them like I tweak the media.  He was taunting them.  He wanted these extremist wacko protesters to get so mad they started burning even more flags because he knows that the more leftists start acting deranged and unhinged, the greater the benefit for him, the more normal he looks, the greater he looks.  He was elected, in large part, because of these people and their behavior.

And I think he was trying to stoke more of it.  I think he was taunting ’em.  I think he was tweaking ’em.  I think he was daring them to go burn another flag.  I think he wanted them to go out there and create even more scenes like this, because he knows he benefits from it.  He just has this inner understanding.  Now, admittedly, I think this because it’s what I would do.  It’s how I’ve treated the left on this program ever since I’ve been doing it.



RUSH: Trump Is NOT Gonna Jail Or Strip Anybody’s Citizenship For Flag Burning