RUSH: Two Words To Describe The Obama Presidency… ‘PAY BACK’

RUSH: The idea of conflict resolution, as taught in the politically correct classrooms of American liberalism the last 30 years — the idea of conflict resolution — actually conflicts with Obama’s deep-seated need for payback.  You know, if I had to choose one word to describe Obama’s presidency, it’s payback. 

It’s payback for every grievance he believes this country was founded on, and every grievance he believes this country’s guilty of, like in being a superpower.  It’s payback time.  It’s time we learned what the rest of the world lives like.  It’s time we gave back what we stole — including Mexico, maybe.  It is time that we find out what it’s like economically the way the rest of the people in the world live.  So the people around the world, he believes, we have caused to live in poverty.

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RUSH WAS RIGHT! Obama Making A Beeline For Retirement Accounts

RUSH: It’s a story from the website’s, and the headline: “Obama’s Budget Targets Your Retirement Accounts.”  I can’t recall the number of times that I have mentioned casually, forcefully, predicted directly over the course of the years that, as this government continued to expand and spend money it didn’t have and print money it needed, that at some point it was gonna have to go get money. 

You can’t just rely on fake money that’s printed.  They’re gonna have to get more. They’re gonna target money, and I warned everybody, “They’re gonna they’re gonna come after your pensions, and they’re gonna come after your retirement accounts, because that’s real money there, and it’s yours, and it’s there.”  I knew this because the Reverend Jackson way back in the late eighties suggested that this was a great source of wealth for the government, because people that had huge retirement accounts really didn’t need ’em. 


RUSH: Anyway, while saying all that, he’s making a beeline for your retirement accounts, and he wants to tax the money that you have placed in those accounts tax-free.  When it comes to the Roth IRAs, he wants to change the rules in the middle of the game and eliminate the flexibility you have in withdrawing money and depositing money all independent of taxes, as was the original promise.

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Limbaugh Predicts Reports Of Other Network Anchors Lying Like Brian Williams

RUSH: I’ll make a prediction.  Look for reports in days ahead of other anchors at other networks doing the same thing.  Not to embarrass or get those other anchors in trouble, but to create impression, “Hey, everybody does it, and so what?  So what?  Nobody get killed.  Nobody died.  Just a helicopter.  It was just some guy floating down the river. 

“You know it happened somewhere. Even if it was in China, there was a guy that day probably floating dead down the river somewhere in the world. Okay, it wasn’t New Orleans, but it happened, we all know it happens.”  And they’ll find some example of — pick an anchor, infobabe, making the same things up or different things up about a different kind of story, and they’ll try to say at NBC, “Everybody does it,” as a way of taking the focal point away from Brian Williams. 

Mark my words.

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