LIMBAUGH: ‘GREATEST HONOR’ To NOT Be On Approved Conservatives List

RUSH: I need to announce that I have been the recipient of one of the greatest honors of my broadcast career. I cannot tell you how honored I am and proud and happy I am at not being included on a list of prominent conservatives., in an effort to advise their readers on diversity, has published a list of conservatives primarily in print — bloggers, websites, magazines. There might be some people in there that also do commentary on TV as “Republican strategists” or what have you. I think it’s 25 people.

Twenty-five conservatives assures their audience they can safely read and not have an adverse reaction. wants to be known as a liberal publication that promotes diversity, and they have become very sensitive to the factual that conservatism is persona non grata at any level of the Drive-By Media, and so they’re breaking new ground, and they researched conservatism carefully. And they have found 25 conservatives that it is safe to read, on Twitter, or Facebook, or on their blogs and websites. And I, ladies and gentlemen, am not on this list — and it is one of the greatest honors I have ever been bestowed to not be on an approved list of approved conservatives by a liberal publication.

Every one of these approved conservatives has one thing in common: They hate Donald Trump. They despise Donald Trump. Some of them are actually, other than that, pretty good. Some of them are actually genuine conservatives. But they all hate Trump. And, as such, they have been honored by as approved conservatives. This illustrates exactly what Beltway media elite intellectual conservatism has become: Pleasing the enemy, gaining the approval of the left, being singled out as above the fray of the rabble of conservatism.

The names are people you would know: Bill Kristol. John Podhoretz. There’s some bloggers on there. I’ve decided I’m not gonna embarrass these people by mentioning their names. If you want to find out who is on the approved list of conservatives that Salon readers can safely read without having a suicidal reaction, just go to yourself and find out. It’s embarrassing enough to be on the list. I don’t want to add to it by mentioning their names. I just want to tell you how proud and honored I am not to be on it.


RUSH: Harvey Weinstein Needs To Hire The ‘CEO OF BIMBO ERUPTIONS’ Hillary Clinton

RUSH: My second See, I Told You So was I thought a very clever theory, a very clever idea that I thought that would be so offensive to the left, although this is not why I announced the theory, but I thought they would be so outraged at this that they would be excoriating me left and right. And it is the theory that says if you’re Harvey Weinstein or any other man under siege the way he is, that you don’t need to go out and hire the highest reputed crisis PR company. You need to go hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions.

The CEO of bimbo eruptions could be of great service to Hollywood’s casting couch movers and shakers. Hillary Clinton is the expert in dealing with this. Hillary Clinton is incomparable. There is nobody that knows how to best destroy women who come forward with these allegations than Hillary Clinton. If you’re Harvey Weinstein and you want this to go away, you need to hire the woman who made it go away for the president of the United States, who made it go away for the entire Democrat Party. You need to hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions, and that is Hillary Clinton. There is nobody better.

Harvey and his ilk should not skimp. Hillary has led the most successful War on Women ever. She saved her husband’s name. She saved her husband’s governorship and presidency and the Democrat Party. You think Harvey Weinstein was a bully? You haven’t seen anything until you are a woman who claimed that Bill Clinton made a move on her and Hillary Clinton got involved. Hillary Clinton is the original bimbo eruptions bully.

And as the most cheated-on woman in America, you couldn’t do better in hiring somebody who knows exactly how you need it blamed on a vast right-wing conspiracy. You need it blamed on the conservative players of Hollywood or somehow for setting Harvey up, Hillary Clinton is the woman to do it. If there’s anybody who knows how to get rid of female attackers, women claiming that your husband sexually molested or abused them, it’s Hillary Clinton. You don’t need crisis PR. You need Hillary Clinton. And nobody refuted it. Maybe it’s so damn right on that the best thing they could do was just ignore it.



RUSH: Harvey Weinstein Should Hire Hillary Clinton To Silence Women… SHE’S AN EXPERT!

RUSH: Hollywood Liberal Men Claiming To Be Pro-Choice Is All About ‘GETTING LAID’

RUSH: I told you, I evolved a theory, and I actually evolved this theory while speaking to you. It hit me while I was in the moment of monologuing, but why all these men in Hollywood claim to be so pro-choice and claim to be so interested in women’s rights, and it’s nothing other than getting laid. And the evidence is abundant now. I have always wondered how in the world can all of these guys out there be this devoted to pro-choice. It hit me like a ton of bricks a couple of days ago on the program. And it’s been confirmed, by the way, that’s the See, I Told You So, it’s been confirmed. It is now beyond just an educated theory of mine.


RUSH: During the program earlier this week, I forget what day it was, because yesterday felt like Friday to me. So I’ve had two days in a row that feel like Friday, the end of the week. I mean, we have been jam-packed. There hasn’t been a moment to take a breather at any time in the program this week.

And during one of the intense days of the discussion of the Harvey Weinstein affair, something hit me while I was in the middle of a point that I was making. And it’s one of those things I should have put together much sooner, I mean, by years than I did this week.

Essentially it is that my new belief is that all of these guys in Hollywood — actors, primarily — but producers and other executives whose names are known — well, why limit it? Virtually probably every male with any power at all in Hollywood is very publicly supportive of a woman’s right to choose, abortion, Planned Parenthood, and other feminist issues.

I mean, they’re front and center with it, up front, front and center, they are loud. And they leave no doubt that they are totally pro-feminist, pro-abortion, pro-this. And in the process of explaining all this in context with stuff that happened with Weinstein this week, I remembered something that I read, somebody said to me a long, long time ago. And it was half joking, but it was an expert in Hollywood saying, “You know what Hollywood is, don’t you? It’s all about getting girls.” If you strip Hollywood down to its basic essence, that’s what guys in Hollywood want. It’s the fastest way to get girls known to exist in America. Athletics is another way.

I couple that with my knowledge of men and what they will do. They will bend, they will shape, they will be flexible, they will lie, they will do whatever. If they’ve zeroed in on a woman or a series of women, whatever those women want ’em to be, they’ll be it, or say they are. And I think that’s a large part of the men in that town being such hypocrites. Because they’re all known for being pro-female, pro-women, pro-choice, pro-abortion, pro-feminist. They show up at all of the rallies and all of the marches and all the organizations that feminist groups do. They are massive supporters of Planned Parenthood.

And I began to think that a lot of it is probably just out of convenience. It’s the fastest way, it’s a direct line. It takes away one of the many obstacles that otherwise might be there if they weren’t so adamantly pro-women. And so mentioning the theory resonated with me and I thought, you know, this is really right.



LIMBAUGH: If Liberal Men Support Abortion They Get A ‘Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free’ Card On Abuse Of Women

Limbaugh Predicts NFL Touchdown Celebrations Will Become American Flag Protests

RUSH: We have Trent in Dallas. Great to have you, Trent. How you doing?

CALLER: I’m great, Rush. Thank you. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. I’m glad you called. I like the subject that you have here.

CALLER: Well, thank you, and I’m very proud to be on with you. With regard to the NFL players’ protests, if the trend continues and the networks simply choose not to broadcast the images of the players kneeling for the national anthem, how long before the players and those that advocate for their position begin to specifically call out the networks as siding with Trump and being a part of the systematic oppression?

RUSH: That’s a good question. Let me tackle this because last night there was a football game in Charlotte. It was the Carolina Panthers hosting the Eagles of Philadelphia. The Panthers all stood. Two players for the Eagles kneeled or linked arms and gave a black power salute, I think. But nobody saw it ’cause it wasn’t televised. CBS/NFL Network didn’t televise the anthem last night. I wonder why that might be? It’s obviously the league has gotten together with its so-called broadcast partners and said, “Hey, you know what?

“The solution here, at least immediate, is don’t televise it.” Trent, if this keeps up, here’s what… I don’t… The player may lodge a complaint about it, via the union or whatever, individual players. But that’s not what they’ll do. What they will do is make the American flag somehow part of a touchdown celebration and do something with it where everybody’s watching. It won’t take them long to figure out that if the anthem’s not televised, that they’ve gotta do something where they know it is — and after touchdowns is always televised and always replayed. So if a protest becomes part of a touchdown celebration, everybody will see it.


LIMBAUGH: GO TO HELL! “I Do NOT Think Trump Is A Dictator… In No Way, Shape, Manner, Or Form!”

RUSH: Let me just make it as simple as I can: I do not think Trump is acting as a dictator. I don’t care what the Drive-Bys distorting what I tried to say yesterday are saying — you feel free to respond on social media that people saying that are full of it and to go to hell. In no way, shape, manner, or form. Jeez.



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