Rush Limbaugh Exposes The Mortgage Crisis Ruse

RUSH: THE BIG LIE! Unemployment Is At 12%

Black Radio Caller GOES NUCLEAR on ‘White, Liberal Hippie Kids’ Protesting Police Killings


This Via Jason Howerton on TheBLAZE:

A black man, identified only as Ed from Queens, New York, called into SiriusXM’s “Opie with Jim Norton” show on Thursday to defend the grand jury decisions in the police-involved killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Eric Garner in New York City.

During his fiery rant, which immediately sparked some heated exchanges in the comments section of Gregg “Opie” Hughes’ official YouTube channel, Ed angrily bashed “white, liberal hippie kids” who are protesting the deaths of “criminals” and also alleged there’s a racial double standard when it comes to officers killing “white kids.”

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Rush Limbaugh Gives AWESOME Gift Of 100 CIGARS To West Point Cadets

RUSH: Marty in Sanford, Florida, you’re next on Open Line Friday.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  How are you today, Rush?

RUSH:  I’m great.  I’m glad you called, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Hey, the reason I’m calling is my daughter is a first-year cadet at West Point.  She’s a plebe.  Part of their responsibilities each year, the first-year cadets at their Christmas dinner — which is for all the cadets when they gather in their lunch hall or the meal hall at the end of the day — is the plebes have to provide cigars to their entire company.  Now, unfortunately, I know nothing about cigars.

RUSH:  How many?

CALLER:  My daughter knows nothing about cigars.  My wife knows nothing.

RUSH:  Don’t worry, I do.

CALLER:  And you’re the man.

RUSH:  How many cigars is she gonna have to provide?

CALLER:  Well, of course, the company is over a hundred. But her table alone is 10 cadets.

RUSH:  Okay so she’d just have to provide them for one table?

CALLER:  Well, technically more than that, you know, like a box of something, just to make sure everybody can smoke two. (chuckles) You know?

RUSH:  I need a number.  Are you looking at 25, 50, 100?  Give me a ballpark number.

CALLER:  A hundred. That would cover the whole company.

RUSH:  A hundred.

CALLER:  Beast Company. Bravo!  Bravo Company. The Beast.

RUSH:  Bravo Company.

CALLER:  I’m sorry, the Barbarians.

RUSH:  Right.  Right.  I know Bravo Company.  Cool.  Your daughter is a cadet at West Point?

CALLER:  Rush, she’s the youngest cadet at West Point.  She’s only 17-1/2.

RUSH:  You have gotta be so proud, you can’t control it, I bet.

CALLER:  Can’t you hear it in my voice?  This girl… This girl is light-years ahead of where she should be.  She is so… You know what?  I’m gonna tell you, she’s just like her mother.

RUSH:  Well, that’s pretty impressive.

CALLER:  Yeah, she’s something.

RUSH:  This is pretty impressive.  I’ll tell you what, here.  You need a hundred cigars.  How about if I send you a hundred cigars, an assortment of stuff from my own collection?  You don’t have to tell them.

CALLER: You don’t have to do that.

RUSH: No, no.  You don’t have to tell anyone. She doesn’t have to tell anybody where they came from.  They’re from her.  I’ll send you some.  A hundred cigars is gonna cost a lot of money.

CALLER:  It’d be grateful. That’s crazy.

RUSH:  No, I know it is, but I’ve got ‘em.  I collect ‘em. I love giving ‘em away to people that really enjoy ‘em, and I could think of no better place than West Point!


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Rush BLASTS Hillary: Start Treating Our Enemies The Way You Treat Republicans And Conservatives

RUSH: Hillary Clinton.  This is on Wednesday in Washington at Georgetown University.  She did a foreign policy press conference.  This is the event that was half empty.  There were more empty seats than filled seats.  I don’t get the fear of Hillary Clinton.  I mean, she gets elected, I understand it, but I don’t understand the fear that has her already elected.  The woman’s book bombed. Her book tour bombed. She’s making speeches at Georgetown, and half the place doesn’t show up.

I’m telling you, there’s no connection there.  And it’s gonna be even worse for her with Millennials.  You wait.  I’m gonna explain that in just a second, but you ought to hear what she said here. This is our former secretary of state, and a woman that a bunch of Republicans are scared to death of is already as good as elected as the next president.

HILLARY:  This is what we call smart power, using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security. Leaving no one on the sidelines.  Showing respect even for one’s enemies.  Trying to understand, and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view. Helping to define the problems, determine the solutions, that is what we believe in the twenty-first century will change, change the prospects for peace.

RUSH:  This is just unbelievable, folks.  We must empathize with our enemies.  Smart power.  You know, I’m so tired of that phrase.  That’s what John Kerry — he served Vietnam, by the way.  This is smart diplomacy, smart this, smart that.  It’s stupid, it’s dumb.  No one on the sidelines, showing respect even for our enemies.  You ever thought about showing Republicans some respect, Hillary?  I bet that never crossed your mind, did it?

You know, you ought to start treating your enemies the way you treat Republicans and conservatives, and then we might have a decent foreign policy.  “And insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with our enemies’ perspective and point of view.”  Empathize with it?  So we’re back now to if we just show them that we’re nice people, they’ll stop being mad at us.  If we just show them we’re nice, they’ll stop wanting to kill us.”  We had a lot of respect and empathy for Hitler, right, for Stalin, for Mao?  Yeah.  Yeah.  I tell you, some people say she’s just Obama in a pantsuit.  I’m gonna tell you something, folks.

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