EXPOSED! RUSH: Trump Flushed Out Not-Quite-So-Conservative Conservative Media

RUSH: Trump has come along and, for whatever reason, flushed out the not-quite-so-conservative conservative media types.  And their agenda is now exposed.

So what has happened here is that agendas are being dragged out of the shadows everywhere, all over the place, kicking and screaming, and people are learning that places they thought were conservative may not be.  People they thought were conservative may not be quite as conservative as they thought.  Maybe some of them are much more tied to the establishment than was originally thought.  And, by the way, this is not a secret way of praising Trump.  Again, it’s another observation, because all of the agendas are being exposed now, and people are capable of identifying them and, because they’re aware of who has an agenda and what the agenda is, they know whether to be suspicious or doubtful or to sign on and support it or what have you.

My point is just because we don’t see partisanship doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  It just means that some people are prone to being ignorant and making false assumptions.  I think it’s all good.  I think it’s all healthy.  I think people being able to hide their agendas behind firewalls, pay walls, phony walls, whatever it is, I don’t think it’s good.  I think whoever and however all this stuff gets flushed out so that you know, you’re listening to a commentator, a reporter, wherever you find them, columnist, if you know they’ve got and agenda — this my whole point about identifying the ideology of people, and particularly identifying liberals and liberalism.  ‘Cause nobody likes what they do.  Nobody likes living in the circumstances created by liberals.  They vote for them, there’s a host-of-reasons, we know what they are.  The Republican brand has been damaged greatly for a whole host of reasons, and then there’s the compassion angle.

“I think I’m helping people, the Democrats care about people, they love people, they don’t want people to suffer.  They’re for the minorities, and they’re for the victims,” all that rotgut, which is not true.  It’s just window dressing.  People vote for this stuff.

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RUSH: Size Of GOP Debate Audience Could Be YUUGE!! … I’m An Idiot! Forget It.

RUSH:  Okay, folks, I’m just telling you: The size of the audience of this thing tonight could be huge, and I don’t know that both sides want to let go of that.  Just… Okay, I’m an idiot.  Forget I said it. Just forget it.

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Rush Limbaugh Has A Gut Feeling Trump Will Show Up At Fox GOP Debate

RUSH: I’ve been asking Snerdley, I’ve been asking all of you guys, “What do you think the possibilities are that Trump shows up tonight before it, during it, whatever?” Everybody’s pooh-poohing it.

“Nah. Rush, he’s got this event at CNN.  CNN’s carrying the thing with the troops.  They’re announcing it’s sold out. They’ve got Huckabee showing up; Santorum says that he’s gonna be there.”  I hear all that.  I’m just telling you.  Probably makes no sense to say this, ’cause it’s just kind of thing to come back and bite you, but I’m just telling you… (interruption) No.  Oh, he’s not gonna be (laughing) in two places at the same time, unless the CNN things ends up being 10… No, I think… Folks, I don’t think this is a possibility. My gut’s telling me, this isn’t over.

There are other shoes that are gonna drop here.  I have told you, we’re watching the way Trump negotiates.  This is happening in public.  The walking out, the telling Fox to pound sand, “I’m not showing up,” the O’Reilly begging him to come back, to forgive Megyn Kelly? I think this is exactly what happens. It’s the kind of thing that happens when Trump’s negotiating a business deal.  We just don’t see it.  He’s written how he does it.  One of his rules is, “You start out with three times what you want.”  He says, “Now, that’s easy to say.  It’s easy to say you’re gonna do it.

“But when you’re in the room and you’re on the other side of the table, it’s very hard to seriously tell somebody you want three times what you really want, with commitment and belief.” He said the only way he has found you really get what you want is to shoot so high at the start, ’cause you know you’re gonna have to come down from your original. So you’d better make your original sky-high.  I’m talking technique.  I’m not relating that specifically to what is happening here.

I’m simply opining that I think what we’re watching here is Trump negotiate.  We just happen to be seeing it in public rather than how it normally takes place behind closed doors.  Nobody sees negotiations.  You hear about them. Be they between a team and an athlete…. (interruption) What is that? Have we got a weather alert coming? Is that what I hear? (interruption) An Amber Alert? Oh, is that what it was?  I’m sorry, folks.  We’ve got…

You can’t believe stuff going down: Tornado warnings, flash-flood warnings, and now an Amber Alert.  I thought it was a leaf blower.  It the sounded like a leaf blower, and I said, “What? Did somebody get a leaf blower in my studio?  How’d that happen?”  So I’m just telling you what’s in my gut. I have nothing. I don’t know anything.  I just don’t think this is over.  It’s all I’m saying.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I don’t think this whole debate thing is settled.  And I guess I’m saying I can see Trump showing up at it.

Don’t know why. Call it a gut feeling, instinct, what have you.  I have never denied my instinct.  Well, no, I have denied ’em, but they’re never betrayed me.

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RUSH: Could Trump Make Surprise Appearance At GOP Debate To Help Fox Save Their Show?

RUSH: Could Trump Make Surprise Appearance At GOP Debate To Help Fox Save Their Show?

RUSH: Would you be surprised, any of you, if Trump actually shows up at the debate tonight? (interruption) You would or wouldn’t? (interruption) You’d both be surprised?

Would you be surprised if Trump walks in around halfway into the debate — if in a commercial break he walks in, and tries to assume his place? (Even though there won’t be one.) If he tries to assume his place on stage, deciding after watching the first hour of it, that it’s so boring and the show needs him so badly that he’s decided to put aside his feelings for Megyn Kelly and help Fox save their show? (interruption) You can’t see that happening?  Cannot see that…? Do you think that at some point down the road Trump will do his own response to the debate?

For example, since he wasn’t there, other Republicans on the stage are gonna be asked questions. Do you think Trump might — at one of his appearances scheduled for, say, next week in New Hampshire — decide to plan one as my response to the Fox debate and structure his appearance so that everything he talks about, or most of it, is answering the questions that were asked of the other candidates in his own…?

(interruption) You would be surprised if he did that?  Okay. (interruption) Well, yes, yes, yes.  I’m just throwing out possibilities.  No idea what’s gonna happen.  I’m just trying to get the temperature of people and find out what it is that they think might happen. Because until it starts without him there, there are some people that aren’t gonna believe any of this is real. They’ll think that the whole thing is it a stunt.

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Rush Limbaugh Not Siding With Anybody In Trump’s Fox News Feud

RUSH: You know, yesterday’s program held particularly deep meaning for me, and last night, throughout the night, watching cable news or hearing about it — I actually didn’t watch it — it’s amazing how the Drive-By Media just reduces everything to the horse race.  And the conclusion, what they apparently picked up from our three-hour program yesterday, was that I was siding with Donald Trump over Fox News, over the Republican candidates, that’s how they analyzed it.

I didn’t side with anybody.  I haven’t sided with anybody.  During primaries, I never do side with anybody.  There’s nothing unusual about what’s going on here.  What I endeavor to do is analyze and explain it.  And the whole point of yesterday’s program was to try to explain to people how in the world somebody like Trump, busting convention, doing everything everybody says you’re not sure supposed to do , how can he be, according to the polls, running away with this?  How can a guy who’s not gonna show up on TV, dominate TV?  How can a guy who announced he’s not going to participate, own it?

I endeavored to explain this yesterday.  And I made it very clear that what Trump is doing is breaking every political formula that exists.  He’s busting all the convention, and nobody can figure it out.  Everybody follows the formula.  Everybody plays the game.  The rules of the gave them have been set by tradition and experience.  And it’s expected that you are to follow those rules.  The elites, in any organization, are exclusionary, and their job is to keep newbies out, particularly newbies that are violating the rules.  They’re not only not to get in the club, they are not to win if they sneak into the club.  All of that’s being violated.  I attempted to explain it, and I thought I did rather well.  But it was reduced to Limbaugh taking sides with Trump.  CNN, other cable networks and so forth.

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