RUSH: Body Cameras On Politicians

RUSH: Walter in Long Island, it’s great to have you.  I’m glad you called.  You’re on Open Line Friday.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hello Rush.  Good afternoon.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  I’d like to say I’m a first-time caller but I’m a longtime fan.

RUSH:  Appreciate that.

CALLER:  Back in the old WOR Channel 9 days.  And I’d like to say this comment.  From the most transparent administration in history, I’m trying to understand the body cameras for cops push by the administration.  If we apply the fairness principle or simply, like you say quite often, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, shouldn’t politicians doing the public bidding also wear body cameras?  I’m talking on a local, state, and federal level.  And I’m thinking of putting something on White, something to the effect of, “Mr. President, why don’t you lead and put on the first body camera.”  How about that?

RUSH:  Politicians, body cameras.  That would have been cool if Bill Clinton would have had one.  If Ted Kennedy had had a body camera, ho, man!  This guy may be on to something here.  I’ll bet you originally thought, “Ah, this is kind of kooky and Rush will have fun with this.”  But this guy’s gotta point.  The whole notion of body cams on cops, let’s be honest, you can make a case for it, but what’s the impetus?  The impetus is they’re a bunch of frauds and cheats.  The impetus is that the cops are the problem.  The cops, the cops are the problem.

We need body cameras on the perps.  We’re way of out of phase on all of this, folks.  We are just totally out of phase.  We’re almost to the point now where the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world may as well come out and say, “Crime is legal as a form of getting even for what happened at the founding.”

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LIMBAUGH: Whenever Cops Pull You Over Just ‘SIR’ Them Out

RUSH: I was telling Snerdley this story.  Certain of us are raised in certain ways, and certain of us aren’t.  I remember when I was 10.  Ten, nine, something like that, my brother would have been couple years younger.  And my dad, we lived in southeast Missouri, my dad had to go to Arkansas.  He might have gone down for a Mizzou-Arkansas football game, I don’t know which, but regardless, he got pulled over late at night by an African-American state trooper in Arkansas.

He was speeding and he came home and told me about it.  And he used it as a lesson.  I said, “Well, what did you do, were you speeding?”

He said, “I was.”

And I said, “Did you go to jail, what happened?”

“No, no.”  He said, “Son, whenever a trooper, whenever a policeman stops you, just ‘sir’ them out.” I’ll never forget him saying that to me.  “Whatever they say, just, ‘Yes, sir, yes, sir, yes, sir.’  You show them respect.”

“Sir” them out is what my dad said, just show them all the respect in the world.  And that’s how I grew up.  I didn’t grow up fearful.  I grew up respectful.  But some people don’t, obviously.  I understand why.  But in this era in which we find ourselves, don’t you think it’s a little scary, ladies and gentlemen, that the reform only needs to happen among law enforcement?  We had criminal acts occur in both of these scenarios, and that is ignored.  And to listen to the news media and all of the people involved on that side talk about this, the only acts that were egregious here were committed by the cops.  The mayor is throwing them under the bus.

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RUSH: Why Is It That Police Are The Ones Who Have To Get Training To Change Their Behavior?

RUSH: Now, in New York, the mayor, predictably — I mean, this guy is an admitted socialist.  I don’t think anybody should be surprised when this guy throws his own police force under the bus.  And the way he threw his own police force under the bus, do you realize that New York City policemen are the body guards for his kids?  They ensure that his kids get wherever they have to go, school or wherever it is, safely, and then back home safely. And he threw ‘em under the bus yesterday. He admitted that he’s had to take his son aside and warn him about the cops.  This the mayor.

This is the mayor, who is protected daily by the cops, admitting that he’s taking his kid aside, and saying, “Look.”  He’s not saying when a cop stops you, say, “yes, sir, yes, sir.”  That’s not what he’s warning.  He’s warning them that the cops want to hurt you because you’re black, the cops.  And the police, benevolent police association, they are just outraged.  They’ve been thrown under the bus.  This is unprecedented.  I mean, there have been mayors that have had problems with an incident here or there, but you’ve never had a mayor throw the entire police force and its motivation under the bus like de Blasio did.

And then de Blasio announced three days of reeducation camp for the cops.  Remember, de Blasio, I said yesterday, he had his press conference and he talked about the fatal flaw since the founding of our country, and it’s finally time to deal with it.  This country was flawed from its founding.  I have been trying to get people to understand that this is what the left thinks for six years, because that’s what Obama thinks.  This country was illegitimately founded, it was unjustly founded, it was immoral, the way it was founded.  And no matter what’s happened since the founding to deal with whatever injustices doesn’t count.

The Civil Rights Act of ’64, doesn’t matter.  None of it matters.  There isn’t a thing anybody’s done to improve anything.  The flaw is still there, and de Blasio has suggested that the cops get three days to learn nonjudgmental posture.  Can I ask a simple question here, ladies and gentlemen?  Why is it that the police are the ones who have to get training to change their behavior?  What about the thugs?  What about the lawbreakers?  What about people in their communities who are breaking the law and causing the trouble?  Why do they get a pass?

Why is it not politic, why is it prejudicial, why is it racist to suggest that maybe they should get some retraining, too?  Why do the thugs never have to adjust?  Why is it it’s the cops?  Why is it in liberal places like New York, why is it the onus on the cops to adjust to the thugs?  And are you kidding me?  The families of these people as honored guests of the president at the State of the Union?

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“I’M TOO FAMOUS”: Rush Limbaugh Making Rare Appearance On Fox News Sunday

RUSH: As you all know, of those who regularly listen to this program, I am not a big fan of television.  I’ve had my own TV show.  I know that television has a lot of impact.  However, this program has a larger audience than most, if not all.  But most cable news programs, maybe not combined network day-to-day, I mean, if you take their 24 hours and add ‘em up, but, anyway, I don’t know what it is, the whole thing to me, it’s just, it is not natural.

You know, I think I finally figured out what it is. I’m too self-conscious.  I’m too famous.  You know what the primary ingredient, the primary ingredient, I’m convinced now having done this too, the primary ingredient to be a successful or even great actor, you have to be absolutely zero self-conscious.  You cannot be self-conscious at all, and if anybody is self-conscious to one degree or another, they’re going to do badly on television or in front of cameras.  You know, the whole thing about cameras change the way things would be if the camera wasn’t there.

But, anyway, I got a call, an e-mail this week from Chris Wallace and his staff at Fox News Sunday. They had heard a couple things discussed on this program about the government shutdown, some things I’d said, and they asked me if I would be the guest on Fox News Sunday.  My initial reaction, like every request I get, is to say “no” and move on.  How many of these a week, H.R., do we turn down?  There must be three or four requests from all the different networks.  The standard operating procedure is to say “no.”

But, for some reason, I didn’t say “no.”  I paused and I thought about it for a day and I decided to do it.  So I’m gonna be the lead guest.  And to give you an idea of how rare me being on TV is, listen to the first four sound bites that we have in the audio sound bite roster.  Here’s the first on Channel 5 New York this morning.

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LEVIN: GOP Are Funding Obama’s Fundamental Transformation

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