Rush Limbaugh Advises ‘Little Brian Stelter’ To Convince Democrats To Throw Al Franken OVERBOARD

RUSH: Now, Little Brian Stelter over at CNN — he’s their media analyst. He’s the guy that does reports on how well the media’s doing for CNN. He’s the Howard Kurtz, if you will, of CNN. And I guess that Brian is upset that I am not taking a leadership position with you in this audience in the effort to get rid of and bury Roy Moore.

Brian is terribly upset that I have fallen back on my identifier as an entertainer and that I am shirking my obvious leadership role. He said this this morning on CNN’s New Day. By the way, CNN right now, two more women say Roy Moore made unwanted overtures. And before that, CNN did a half hour forum on tax reform. You can’t find the Al Franken story on CNN. It’s been there, I’ve seen it for scant seconds go by during the morning, but they’re not focusing on it at all. So here’s Brian Stelter this morning on CNN worried about me.

STELTER: The cliche that I see a lot of commentators holding on to. “Hey, this isn’t up to me; it’s up to the voters.” Well, actually people like Rush Limbaugh, like him or not, they’re viewed as leaders in this conservative media world. They are viewed as leaders by people like President Trump. We know that the president takes advice from these voices on the radio and television. So I know they’d prefer to be entertainers, prefer to let the voters decide, but we’re actually not seeing a lot of leadership from these hosts, from these commentators, which is notable, given that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and other GOP leaders have spoken out. These hosts are accountable every day to their audience. They look at the ratings. They look at the page views. Maybe they’re concerned that they don’t know where their audience stands on this issue.

RUSH: Brian, one thing, Brian, of everything here. If you forget everything I say, remember this. I always know where my audience is issue to issue to issue to candidate to candidate to candidate. I always know where my audience is, Brian that’s why I am where I am. Plus, Brian, I have an audience to know where they are. Many people don’t. Many people think they have an audience but you could put ’em in a thimble, maybe a phone booth. There aren’t phone booths anymore, but conjure your memory.

No, seriously. He obviously has been waiting for me to jump on the “condemn Roy Moore.” And I haven’t done it sufficiently for these people, so I am abrogating my responsibility. I am falling back on the fact that I’m just an entertainer, that I have no business telling you people what to think on this issue, and I have a duty to assume that leadership role and tell you what Brian Stelter and CNN want to hear me say.

He’s worried about me. It’s compassionate. Okay. You know, I’m thinking here, Brian, of what I can do to maybe get back in your not good graces, but at least assume this leadership role. Let me do so in the Franken instance. Let me tell you what you ought to do. Brian, you need to make sure this story doesn’t get short shrift at CNN. If you guys hope to get rid of Roy Moore, you’re gonna have to focus on Franken and you’re gonna have to show that picture and you’re going to have condemn it, you’re gonna have to condemn it with no doubts about what you’re doing.

You’re going to have condemn Franken’s behavior. You are going to have to universally accept the words of Leeann Tweeden. You are going to have to demand that the Democrats do something about this guy because he poses a great danger to women and the Democrat Party and the objective to win back the White House.

So as leader, as the Mister Big in the vast right-wing conspiracy, Mr. Stelter, what you need to do is to convince the Democrats to throw Franken overboard. The Democrat governor of Minnesota will appoint another Democrat in his place, and you will not miss Franken, and you will not have a hypocrisy problem. You can do it by the end of the week. It will give you and the Democrats cover for anything you can and will and want to keep doing to Roy Moore.

But if you want to keep going after Roy Moore and if you want to then turn your attention to Trump, you have got to throw Al Franken overboard. You have got to convince your friends that Franken is nothing in terms of the overall quest of the Democrat Party. If you defend him, if you in any way try to differentiate what Franken is alleged to have done with Roy Moore or Weinstein or anybody else, you will not be able to sell future attacks on other Republicans that you wish to destroy. There. How’s that?



RUSH: Al Franken Groping Leeann Tweeden Is A GENUINE DILEMMA For The Democrat Party

RUSH: Al Franken Groping Leeann Tweeden Is A GENUINE DILEMMA For The Democrat Party

EDITORS NOTE: This Is 2 Segments Combined For Your Convenience

RUSH: That’s right. So I’ll take your yearbook and I’ll double down on an actual photo. You can take your forged yearbook and put it wherever you want. I got an actual photo here. What are the Democrats gonna do? Seriously. What are the Democrats gonna do? They’re trying to get rid of two Republicans, and here comes this big hypocrite, Al Franken, totally gumming up the works, totally screwing up the plan!

I mean, they want to get rid of Roy Moore, and they want to use that to get rid of Donald Trump, and here comes Franken, and there’s an actual picture of Franken doing it. The woman is sleeping and she’s wearing, you know, camo gear on a C-17 on the way back from a USO tour.

This is a genuine dilemma for the Democrat Party, and I think I know what they’re gonna do, but I will withhold that prediction for a moment. In case you haven’t heard about this, Al Franken, the esteemed senator from Minnesota has been accused of massive sexual harassment and abuse by a woman who works on the radio in Los Angeles. She has been a model. She’s a sports broadcaster as well.

Her name is Leeann Tweeden. She was on a USO tour with Franken back in 2006, and on this tour she describes a circumstance where Franken demanded to rehearse a kiss that was gonna be in the show, part of the show. He kept telling her (paraphrasing), “Yeah, we actors, you know, we rehearse everything.” She said, “I’m not gonna kiss you.” “Well, we gotta rehearse it,” and he kept forcing himself on her and forcing himself and finally jammed his tongue halfway down her throat in the rehearsal. She refused to let it happen on stage in the actual show.

She has now gone public with this on the website for the radio station where she works in the morning, KABC in Los Angeles. And there is a photo on the flight home on Christmas Eve of 2006, there is a photo of Al Franken cupping her breasts. Well, I wouldn’t call it cupping. But he’s either pretending to or it’s the real thing. And she’s dead asleep. He’s got this big “look at what I’m getting away with” grin on his face.

Now, this guy has been all over the place. When the Weinstein story breaks there’s our old buddy Al making a big show of giving all the money Weinstein gave him to women’s abuse centers. He has sponsored legislation that would penalize all kinds of bad activity against women. And you know what they say? A guy that gets caught doing it once doesn’t just do it once.

But here’s the problem for the Democrats. The Democrats are going to town disqualifying, trying to get rid of Roy Moore, and the Republicans have joined them in this. Everybody in Washington wants Roy Moore nowhere near that town. They are going into every weapons depot they’ve got for every weapon they’ve got against this guy. Republicans and Democrats alike.

Now, the Democrats are doing this because they want the seat in Alabama. They don’t want Roy Moore there. And they’re using this as a pretext to get rid of Trump in future impeachment proceedings, not Russia, not collusion, but this stuff. And that’s another reason why so many of these journalists who gave Bill Clinton a pass are now turning tail and basically saying, “You know, we blew it. We were too young, we didn’t know what was going on, we do now, and what Bill Clinton did was terrible and horrible.”

They’ve got to do that if they’re gonna go after Trump. Now, one of the things that you’re not seeing as they go after Bill Clinton is going after Hillary, but that’s gonna have to happen too because they’ve gotta get rid of her. They don’t want her any longer being the face of the Democrat Party. So in the midst of this, in the midst of creating this picture that this Republican is a pervert, a creep, a scumbag, human debris, here comes old reliable Al Franken with an actual photo of the abuse.

With Roy Moore we have allegations and a possibly forged high school yearbook. With Trump we have the Access Hollywood video where he’s talking to Billy Bush about things, but there is no photographic evidence. With Al Franken there is. Mitch McConnell has already said that there needs to be a serious Ethics Committee investigation into Franken. The Democrats, what are they gonna do here? They can’t defend this. Although I wouldn’t put it past them to try, given their close association, friendship with the Drive-By Media.

But it really presents a problem, because this is something you can’t ignore, because there’s a photo of it. And everything that we’ve heard now in this effort to get rid of Moore, what is it? We’ve got to believe the women. Everybody under the sun is saying the women don’t lie. The women have to be believed. Everybody’s saying it about the women involved with Roy Moore.

Here comes Leeann Tweeden. Are they gonna say, “Well, we need further investigation. We can’t just take the woman’s word for it.” Are they gonna that? They can’t do that. Well, I say they can’t do that, but these people are capable of anything.



Rush Limbaugh Advises ‘Little Brian Stelter’ To Convince Democrats To Throw Al Franken OVERBOARD

RUSH: If Washington Finds A Way To “Pay For This Tax Cut”, Then There Isn’t A Tax Cut


RUSH: Last night there was a town hall meeting on the Fox News Channel and Paul Ryan, your representative, was one of the roundtable guests or one of the town hall guests. You know, when I was interviewing him here, I said, “What’s one take-away? What should people know about?”

“It’s a tax cut, Rush. It’s a tax cut for the American people.” Well, some people have taken the guts of the deal, and they have been measuring various aspects of the tax reform plan with real-life circumstances. And they have found some middle class people — I forget the exact example, but husband and wife make $127,000, three kids in school, da-da-da-da-da, they have found some examples. And Ryan was hit with this last night where these families are gonna have, at the end of it all, a tax increase. They’re gonna be paying more than they’re paying now.

And Ryan’s answer, “Well, you may able to find some of those, but I’m telling you,’ he insisted, “the average American, everybody’s gonna get a tax cut. You may be able to find an odd example here or there where it may not be the case.” So he acknowledged that there might be some outlier cases where people will end up paying more even after getting a rate reduction, and it all has to do with the deductibility of property taxes and state and local taxes and some other things.

But the point of this is that not everybody is going to get a tax cut, or not everybody is going to be paying less. That would be the more accurate way of saying this. And I don’t think there’s any excuse for that. And you know why this is the case? The reason why is because — dadelut dadelut dadelut — we have to find a way to pay for it. I would maintain to you that in terms of real dollars and cents, if Washington finds a way to, quote, unquote, “pay for this tax cut,” then there isn’t a tax cut. If, when this is over, Washington collects the same amount of money from the same number of people, how can there have been a tax cut?


RUSH: Weinstein/Spacey Redemption Phase Has Now Begun

RUSH: Now Bryan Cranston is back, deep thought intellectual leader of Hollywood. He was on the BBC. Arts editor Will Gompertz speaking with Cranston about recent allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. Question: “Is there a way back, is there a way back for the Weinsteins and Spaceys of the world?”

CRANSTON: It would take time. It would take a society to forgive them. And it would take tremendous contrition on their part and a knowingness that they have a deeply rooted psychological, emotional problem, and it takes years to mend that. If they were to show us that they put the work in and are truly sorry and making amends and not defending their actions, but asking for forgiveness, then maybe down the road there is room for that. Maybe so. We shouldn’t close it off and say, “To hell with him, rot and go away from us for the rest of your life.” Let’s not do that. Let’s be bigger than that.

RUSH: There you have it. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready, because the Weinstein-Spacey redemption phase has now begun. “There has to be a second chance. We can’t just say rot and go away for the rest of your life,” unless it’s to Donald Trump. But to these other paragons of great entertainment and arts value, we must afford open-mindedness and second chances.

As long as they admit that they’re genuine screw ups, as long as they admit that they’re reprobates, as long as they admit that they’re lucky to be breathing air, we’ll give them a second chance. As long as they spend enough time and dig deep and admit to themselves what a bunch of human debris they have been, we can get ’em back. We should be open to this. Yes.

What do you think, six weeks of rehab and we can bring ’em back? I’m just telling you, and you’re gonna soon see, if you haven’t already, the stories, probably Washington Post, New York Times, “the beauty of the work. Look at the substance of the Weinstein movie catalog. My God, it’s some of the most beautiful, moving stuff we’ve ever seen. How do we square the guy who did that with what we know that Ashley Judd and the others said about him?”


LIMBAUGH: Not Only Was Bill Clinton “RIDIN’ DIRTY”, Hillary Was “RIDIN’ SHOTGUN”

RUSH: And the next one here is from Jeff Greenfield, our old buddy ABC News now writing at the Politico mag: ” How Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Are Forcing an Awakening on the Left.” And the subheadline here: “Years of excusing Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct suddenly seems morally indefensible.”

Why suddenly, Jeff, old buddy, old pal? Why is Clinton’s sexual misconduct suddenly morally indefensible? Because it was always totally and completely indefensible. It must work into your playbook to suddenly be outraged by this lifetime of abuse of women by Bill Clinton. And, by the way, there is still a person who is co-elephant in the room who so far has gotten a pass. Because it’s not Bill Clinton. It is “the” Clintons.

Not only did Bill Clinton do the deeds. Not only was Bill Clinton riding dirty in the mortal words of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Barack Obama church, not only was Bill riding dirty, Hillary was riding shotgun. Hillary was destroying and helping to destroy any of the women who had been ridden dirty who were coming forth to say so. And so far we haven’t had any news stories from guilty leftists suggesting that it’s time we stop giving Hillary a pass in the defense of her husband’s mistreatment of these women.

Why does Hillary continue to get a pass but now we’re in the process, the left is in the process of throwing the big dog overboard?