RUSH: People Tuning In To CNN Democrat Debate To See A Car Wreck

RUSH: We also have, of course the political news is based on the fact the Democrat debate is tomorrow night in Las Vegas, and there’s all kinds of concern and worry about this.  CNN says they’re gonna put a podium up for Joe Biden.  They’re trying to entice Biden into showing up because without Trump on the stage, actually without the Republicans on the stage, this debate is gonna be a yawner.  Nobody’s gonna watch it, not in terms of the numbers that watched the Republican debate.  The people who are gonna tune into this thing tomorrow night are gonna be tuning in to see a car wreck.  They want to see Hillary implode.  They want to see whatever Bernie Sanders has, who he is, what he’s gonna do, what it’s gonna look like. And, by the way, you know what, CNN has made an announcement.

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RUSH: Not A Good Time To Be A DEMOCRAT

RUSH:  We know the Drive-Bys are in the tank for Hillary.  We know that NBC’s in the tank for Hillary and there really isn’t anybody else.  Martin O’Malley is not gonna do anything, I don’t think.  Bernie Sanders is not going to be permitted to get the nomination.  Biden, you know, remains a wild card.  But Biden is a three-time loser running on his own for president.  They don’t have anybody that’s won in this cycle.  Hillary’s a loser in presidential elections.  Biden, a three-time loser.  Bernie Sanders, no way, Jose, not gonna get the nomination, no matter what. Martin O’Malley is lagging too far behind. John Kerry is too late, as we sit here today.

Then you take CNN’s announcement that they are not going to pit these candidates against each other like Fox did in the first Republican debate.  So the candidates are gonna be allowed to sink or swim.  So, yeah, you come out with polling that shows Hillary plummeting.  And, by the way, I think that polling is pretty legit.  Bernie Sanders does have a lot of legitimate excitement out there.  And Hillary isn’t exciting.  Hillary does not create excitement.  She doesn’t engender it.  The
Democrat Party is not loaded with average, ordinary, everyday voters chomping at the bit, get out there and vote, election coming up.  It’s sort of a ho-hummer.

Obama has everybody down in the dumps and depressed.  Obama’s let everybody down.  Obama’s not who he said was gonna be, hasn’t done what he said he was gonna do, the things he did do have made a big mess out of everything.  None of what Obama said he’s gonna do has happened, but more importantly, the things Obama has done have failed miserably.  I think it’s really, in one sense, not a good time to be a Democrat, because you’re living with the hard, cold reality that your policies don’t work.  And there are enough hard-core, random, ordinary, everyday Democrats who really believe all of this big government stuff.

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RUSH: Hillary Clinton Is A Classic ‘CLASS’ Individual

RUSH: You know the funniest headline I have seen so far about the Democrat debate?  He-he-he-he-he.  You want to know what it is?  It’s from the New York Times.  It was on Friday, actually, and the headline is, “In Debate, Hillary Clinton Will Display Skills Honed Over a Lifetime.”

Folks, we’re dealing here with a genuine dryball.  Mrs. Clinton does not have any connectivity with Democrat voters.  She’s got no bond.  I don’t know how else to describe this other than the ways that I have.  She does a book signing and nobody shows up, and the people that do don’t have any real desire.  They’re there because it may be a story. She’s the former first lady. She’s Hillary Clinton, got a book or whatever, but it’s not large numbers of people that show up.  She just does not have any kind of connection.  And there’s a reason why.  I don’t think she particularly likes people, particularly those that she would consider to be her lessers.

I think Hillary Clinton is a classic class individual, class-conscious.  And people that are beneath her in station, she has very little interest in them.  She can’t even talk a good game of compassion.  She can’t, in my mind.  She doesn’t even talk a good game of caring about people.  It’s all robotic.  I guess it was Rolling Stone magazine asked a question last week: How many times do you have to launch yourself?  This woman’s been on the public scene since 1992, and arguably before that, but certainly 1992, the presidential campaign, everybody in the world got to know Hillary Clinton, 1992 to today is 20-plus years, and she’s still a mystery, she still has to introduce herself to people?

She’s more a curiosity than she is an actual figure with whom people have some kind of connection.  By that, a vested interest.  Hillary doesn’t have any kind of either perceived personal connection, relationship with any of these people supposedly so supportive of her wanting her in the White House. The idea that skills that have been honed for a lifetime will be on display on Tuesday night?  The truth is her handlers and everybody else are scared stiff because they don’t know what they’re gonna get.  Are they gonna get the screeching Hillary?  Are they gonna get the “I ain’t tired,” where she tries to fake a black dialect.

Now, none of this is to say, I don’t want anybody to misunderstand because the other side of this coin is she is the likely Democrat nominee despite all of this.  And simply because there is a D next to her name on the ballot she stands a chance of winning.  But that’s the reason why.  It isn’t all this other stuff. People are not personally invested in her.  They are invested in her candidacy because it’s the Democrats, it’s the Democrat Party. Hillary is a way to keep the Republicans out of power, but there isn’t a lot of love, there isn’t a lot of support personally for Hillary.  And, in fact, she’s 10 points down in the polls.

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RUSH: Ben Carson Is EXACTLY RIGHT About Guns And The Holocaust

RUSH: The only two in double digits that remain are Trump and Ben Carson, who, by the way, is enmeshed in his own silly controversy.  You know what Ben Carson had the temerity to say?  He said if the Jews had had guns, that the holocaust might have turned out differently.  And people are reacting to that like it’s the most insane, ludicrous thing anybody’s ever said.

You know, I’m wondering if people have forgotten what happened in Warsaw when the Jews were summarily overtaken?  Ben Carson’s exactly right, but it’s more profound. These people are treating his comment as absolutely sophomoric.  He’s so out of touch, so unprepared, so unqualified, what kind of an idiot would say anything like this, and yet all he did was utter blatant common sense.  It stands to reason that had the Jews been armed, the Nazis would have had a little bit more trouble.  They would have had some resistance.  It’s common sense.

The reason I think the left and the media is going nuts is because they’re taking that comment and they’re transposing it into the current climate of the American debate on guns.  And they’re thinking, what would Jews today want guns for?  Carson’s a nutcase.  And you never invoke Hitler. You don’t bring Hitler up.  You just don’t do it. That’s political neophyte stuff.  But the facts, Carson’s exactly right.

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RUSH:  A very happy Indigenous Peoples Day to everybody out there.  In other words, greetings to all of you who were trampled when the settlers arrived here to the new world and took it away from you. And now you’ve got sour grapes showing up with Calypso Louie at the Million Man March redux over the weekend.

Columbus Day it is, but of course that’s so politically incorrect. Nothing to celebrate there, folks. Columbus Day, that began the end of everything that was sacred. It’s when the white Europeans showed up and they brought horses, syphilis, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and their own version of capitalism. They brought environmental destruction. Animal insignificance and destruction as well.  Virtually everything wrong with the greatest nation on earth is traced back to Columbus Day. And instead several cities today are actually celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. Why should native Americans want the heritage of Europeans celebrated? You know, bad memories and all that. What have they ever done for the world? Unlike the Indians. They gave us tobacco, great PSA’s on TV about keeping the climate unpolluted.

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