‘A BIG DEAL!’ RUSH: Biggest Mistake Trump Could Make Is To Take Any Advice To ‘Tone It Down’

RUSH: There’s a story here that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.  I think it’s big, and I think it’s important, and I think it is, for those of you who are deeply invested in Donald Trump, it’s crucially important, and it’s very, very comforting.  It’s the story about how he fired Rick Wiley.  But a lot of people, “What’s the big deal about that, Rush?”

Well, I’ll tell you why it’s a big deal.  It’s a big deal for what it stands for and what it represents.  You know, Rick Wiley is an establishment guy.  Manafort hired him. He was also an establishment guy. He ran Scott Walker’s campaign in Wisconsin.  So he’s got establishment bona fides, and Manafort brought this guy in, and they were going to try to, I don’t know, overthrow, they were gonna try to take control of campaign from Trump’s team that he’s had throughout the primaries, led by Lewandowski and whoever else is in that mix.

Now, you might remember, it was either last week or the week before that I issued a warning of sorts that one of the pitfalls Donald Trump is going to face as the weeks and days go by and as he gets closer to and then surpasses the number of delegates — this is human nature; it happens in many businesses; it has happened to me. One of the reasons I am fully aware of this is because of personal experience with it — the effort to change Trump is going to be intense from within his own campaign. It’ll be well intentioned, but it’ll be wrong.

There are people who tell Trump, “You’ve gotta change, now. You have won the nomination.  It’s not the primaries.  It’s the general.  You have to change.”  And what that means is: “You have to tone it down! You have to dial it back.  You have to become more presidential.”  Whatever the advice is, it will consist of people thinking that Trump now has to grow in stature, in office, and drop whatever it is that worked during the primaries because they’re over now, and we’re on to the general, and it’s not a whole slate of opponents. It’s one opponent, and there’s all kinds of money involved now.

And the biggest mistake Trump could make would be to take any of that advice.  The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to listen to anybody who tells him it’s time to change.  Now, some of the advice is intended to sabotage, even people supposedly in your own circle.  Folks, there’s envy and there’s jealousy within every organization, and in something like Trump’s — which is red hot. It is the focus of attention in the modern world today, and everybody involved wants the light to shine on them, too.  It’s human nature.

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RUSH: Okay, audio sound bite time. This is the Clinton News Network back in action, CNN. A number of anchors are shutting down discussions of anything to do with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, while at the same time condemning Trump. At some point yesterday afternoon, CNN went back to the ’90s and became the Clinton News Network all over again. Brooke Baldwin, the infobabe in the afternoon shut down Kellyanne Conway when she dared bring up the fact that Clinton settled the Paula Jones lawsuit. They’re talking about it, Clinton’s history with women, and we join it in progress at that point.

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RUSH: Obama Does Not Want To Be Seen As The One Who Takes Hillary Out

RUSH: But about Hillary Clinton and this email scandal, the point needs to be made again, just like the NBC Nightly News last night, two stories, TSA and the VA and how horrible things are and how just incompetent and how just unmanageable, but not one mention of Obama. Not one mention of the Obama administration, nothing is tied to him. And I think that’s the way he wants it.

Now, this Hillary Clinton inspector general report, where she has been directly contradicted. Her entire procedure on this has been to say that it’s just “a security review.” There isn’t any investigation here. Nobody’s done anything wrong! They’re just looking into various aspects of this. It’s just security people. Well, the inspector general comes out and says, “No, no, no, no, no. There are rules, and she violated ’em.” They tried to soft sell it by saying so did Colin Powell, so did Condoleezza Rice when they were secretary of state.

But they’re not running for president right now. The rules that she violated are derived from the law. The natural conclusion is she broke the law. It is my theory, my contention Obama does not want to be seen as the one who takes her out. The Limbaugh Theorem again. He doesn’t want to have his name attached to any of these failures or things that go wrong. I don’t pretend to understand the dynamics between the Obamas and the Clintons, but apparently it’s not cool.

And this drip, drip, drip? This IG report? This is a big deal. And even the Democrats who have been on TV this morning admit it’s a big deal because it keeps the story alive. It not going away, and the aspects of it that are alive are that she did things wrong and is now not telling the truth about it. Her campaign is being overshadowed by never-ending scandal. It isn’t gonna be long before Democrats are gonna start asking, “How long can we expect this scandal to go on?” and, “Can you get elected president from one?”

But I think by letting this IG report be released, by having the investigation take place, this is the drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip that I noticed months ago, and I think it’s coming from Obama and from the White House. And there have to be some people enjoying watching her twist in the wind. This is not insignificant stuff, folks.

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RUSH: Hillary Had Private Email Server To COVER UP How She Was SELLING INFLUENCE!

RUSH: Here’s Dana Bash on CNN. This is this morning — not long ago, within the last couple of hours. The cohost John Berman is talking with her. She’s the chief political correspondent for CNN. He says, “This is gonna play in politics, basically, and media. Donald Trump has already been calling Hillary Clinton ‘Crooked Hillary,’ and it’s sticking. And Hillary Clinton, by the way, is still running in a primary against Bernie Sanders.” So, Dana, what about this report from the IG? How is it gonna affect her?

BASH: This feeds directly into the narrative that her opponents — Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side and ultimately Republicans, led by Donald Trump, in a general election — will be hammering her on. The narrative, of course, is you’re hearing Donald Trump do it in only a way that he does, calling her “Crooked Hillary.” The fact that she didn’t comply with the rules, that she appears to have been doing things that were not… Maybe she thought she was above the rules or she’s different from everybody else should be. That’s gonna help her opponents in a big way.

RUSH: Right. Exactly. And they’re worried. Dana Bash and the CNN crew are very worried about this, because what has Hillary’s defense been? Hillary’s defense has been that she complied with all regulations and that what the FBI’s doing is just a security review. “There’s nothing that’s gone on here. I mean, everybody’s done it!” Just like Clinton and sex in the nineties. “It’s private, it’s personal, everybody does it, and it didn’t get in the way of her doing her job.” But you heard Dana Bash. She didn’t comply with the rules; she said that she did.

That’s her defense, that she complied with all State Department regulations and what the FBI is doing is security review. Wrong. The FBI is investigating her. And I’ll tell you something else. The FBI is investigating the Clinton Crime Family Foundation along with The Punk, Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia. Now, why did Hillary run an off-site, private email server? People say it’s to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests, and it is for privacy.

Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want to be hassled. She didn’t want to have anybody know what she’s doing. Well, my opinion — once again — is I think she had to do this in order to cover up how she was selling influence to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars to foreign governments, foreign people, foreign entities. She did that. If that had been part of the State Department internet email system subject to discovery and the Freedom of Information Act, that would have been devastating. This is how she kept all of that selling of access private.

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BUYER’S REMORSE! RUSH: Elizabeth Warren Sounds Like She Has More Credibility Than Hillary

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton has decided to pick up Elizabeth Warren as a surrogate. You know something, folks? We have the sound bites coming up here. Elizabeth Warren went out there and attacked Trump for Hillary. And just here putting my objective analyst hat on, it was good, particularly when compared to Hillary. I think the more they have Elizabeth Warren out there, the more buyer’s remorse there’s gonna be on the Democrat side that she’s not the nominee, or that Crazy Bernie’s not the nominee.

Don’t misunderstand. I’m not suggesting that Elizabeth Warren is right or anything. It’s just that she sounded much more genuine and much more real and, actually, I think, had more credibility. As I put myself in the shoes of a liberal watching this, Hillary’s asleep compared to Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. She’s going through the motions of it. She’s sleepwalking. You know, Hillary is in one of these defensive modes where you don’t want to say the wrong thing, so you shut up. Plus Hillary knows the more she talks, the worse her numbers get. The more she shows up, the worse her numbers get. The less we hear from her, the better her numbers get. That’s demonstrably true.

But, nevertheless, Trump was unfazed. He said (paraphrasing), “Hey, did you see they sent Pocahontas out to attack me.” Can you see Paul Ryan doing that? Can you see Mitt Romney doing that? Can you see George W. Bush or Jeb Bush, (imitating Trump) “Hey, they sent Pocahontas out to attack me. Yeah, Pocahontas. You know why they call her that, ’cause she’s an Indian. She wanted to get special treatment at Harvard so she said she had the high cheekbones of an Indian, so we call her Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas.”

I mean, he’s just unfazed. Whatever they hit him with, Trump’s philosophy: If I’m wounded, or, if I think I’m wounded, I’m gonna fix the wound. I’m gonna unwound myself.

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