RUSH: But the question:  What would you say to the voter who doesn’t want anything to do with Hillary Clinton because of what’s known but has some problems with Mr. Trump as well and so they just — and they’re having trouble reconciling voting at all.  If you had a chance to talk to a voter who said to you, “Governor Pence, I don’t like Mrs. Clinton, but I’ve really got some problems with Donald Trump, too,” what would you tell them?

PENCE: Well, I would tell that I’ve seen Donald Trump when the klieg lights are off, Rush, just like you have.  I’ve seen him off the campaign trail, and I truly do believe that he has the leadership qualities and the vision to make America great again.  But the other thing I would say is, you know, at the end of the day before the polls today, the people of this country are not just gonna choose between two candidates.  This is a choice between two futures — and in a very real sense, I think this is a bit by Ronald Reagan said many years ago.

This isn’t even a choice between liberal and conservative, between Republican and Democrat. This is, as Reagan said, a choice between up and down, whether we’re gonna continue to go down the same hill we’ve been going down to a weaker America at home and abroad — a more stifled American economy under the weight of higher taxes, more regulation, more Obamacare, more bad trade deals — walking farther away from our most cherished constitutional ideals and principles.

Or we’re gonna stop, plant our feet, turn around, and march back up the hill to a stronger America at home and abroad, to rebuild our military, to revive our economy to get tax relief and economic freedom and to have appointments to our highest court and all the courts of this country that will strictly construe the Constitution of the United States.  That’s the choice before us, and for those who cherish the values that you celebrated for decades on the airwaves of America, the choice could not be more clear, that for the change that we want — for a stronger, more prosperous America grounded in our highest ideals — the clear choice is to make Donald Trump the 45th president of the United States.


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