Marco Rubio Calls Sean Hannity To Set The Record Straight On Border Security

SEAN HANNITY: I want to be clear here, and I’m not trying to pin you down. If this bill does not secure the border completely, and guarantee that that happens, you’re not on board with this bill?

MARCO RUBIO: What I’ve said in the past, and I’ll say… The thing I’m trying to avoid is all that ultimatum language, because I think that undermines what we’re trying to do. I’m not here to blow anything up. I want to make this thing better.

Here’s what I can tell you unequivocally. If the Border Security elements of this bill are not in place we’re wasting our time, this bill is not going to pass. If that doesn’t get in the bill I’m gonna keep working to get it in because we will not pass an Immigration Law in the United States, out of the Senate, out of the House, and to the President. And a final bill will not pass both, without that in there. And I’ve said that unequivocally from the very beginning of this process.


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