LIMBAUGH: What Would Harvard Do If GAY Men Were Rating Other Men On Soccer Team?

RUSH: I have a quick question.  Back to Harvard canceling the men’s soccer season because they discovered that the men on the soccer team actually had a secret way of rating new recruits on the Harvard women’s soccer team.  Yes.  The male soccer team members were rating the newly arrived female team members on a 1-to-10 scale of attractiveness.  Now, there have to be some gay members of that soccer team, right?  What would Harvard do if they learned that gay men’s soccer team members were rating newly arrived recruits who were gay on the men’s soccer team?

Well, you know that happens.  You know it happens, just like it does with men and women.  What would Harvard do if they found out that gay men were rating other newly arrived gay men on the attractiveness scale? “Well, nothing, Mr. Limbaugh, because that has nothing to do with masculinity.” Don’t give me that! Do not.  I don’t want to go there.  Don’t tell me… Because it does.  Hey, it’s just a think-piece question.  I’m just asking it.  I like to ask questions to blow up people’s logic.



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