LIMBAUGH: What We Are Witnessing On The Border Is A ‘SHAKEDOWN’

RUSH: Let me posit something, see what you would think of this. Would it be a stretch to say that what we are witnessing on the border is pretty close to a shakedown? Look at what’s happened, look at what we’ve learned today. Look at what’s going on in New York and New Jersey alone that involves the unaccompanied children crossing the border. There are already transportation systems. The jobs were offered in January at a posting on a government website January 29th. There were already transportation systems in place to take some of these kids to who knows where in the country.

We know that one of the setups is on Long Island in Bethpage. We know that in New York City, illegals, children and otherwise, are being given ID cards with access to services and schools and medical treatment, and whatever else they need. They’re being given official IDs. This is happening in Newark and other cities in New Jersey and probably in a lot of other cities.

So could we say that with this massive influx, which again, because of the posting of job availability back in January — let me refresh your memory. There was a posting on a government website on January 29th seeking transportation companies and logistics services providers to handle an upcoming influx or arrival of 65,000 immigrant children. It was on a government website back in January. Now it’s happening. Now there are people in place accepting them and transporting them in part to New York and New Jersey and who knows wherever else.

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