LIMBAUGH: What If FBI Investigation Reveals Collusion Between Obama And Russia?

RUSH: Can anybody tell me what this collusion is alleged to be? Can anybody? Originally they said that the Russians hacked the election, so what was the hack? There is on-the-record testimony from election officials — both parties and President Obama — saying it’s impossible to affect the vote and the counting of the vote. Not possible.

Obama on down: “It’s not possible. Can’t happen, didn’t happen; Russians didn’t try.” So what is the hack? Podesta’s emails? Well, that wasn’t a hack. That was a phishing attack that Podesta fell for. Had Podesta not been an idiot, his emails would have never ended up anywhere. What’s the collusion? Does anybody know? You ought to know. Since last July, the FBI’s been investigating Trump and the collusion with Russia. What is it? Have you ever heard anybody ever identify what the collusion is? Do you know? Does anybody know? Is there any place that I can go to find out what the Russians did?

“No, Mr. Limbaugh! That’s why the investigation must go on.” Okay, so there has no evidence of any collusion yet. Well, why do we think there has been collusion? Because Hillary lost? Why do we think this? What is the collusion? Did the Russians somehow make Podesta fall for a third-rate phishing scheme? Did the Russians arrange for Hillary to set up her illegal, home brew server? Did the Russians help the Democrats conspire against Bernie Sanders to cheat him out of the Democrat nomination?

Because that did happen. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and the Democrat Party did it. I think these investigators had better be very careful of what they wish for. What if this investigation eventually reveals collusion between Barack Obama and Russia on any number of things? What if this investigation eventually reveals collusion between Russia and the Democrat Party? There isn’t any with Trump so far.


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