LIMBAUGH: We Need To Redefine ‘SMART’ In America

RUSH: I have long held, ladies and gentlemen, we need to redefine “smart” in this country. Because there are a lot of stupid people who do a lot of dangerous and dumb things. And they are considered the smartest people in the world. Example number one is Hillary Clinton. Example number two is Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me give you a side-by-side, A-B comparison to give you an idea what I mean. One president breaks laws to get billions of dollars flown illegally, pallets of cash into the hands of the people who run the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran, and they export it. And this president does everything he can to get them hundreds of millions of dollars in cash. This same country to whom we gave this cash is committed to creating a nuclear arsenal delivered by ICBMs, all of which are known to be under development because this president enabled them to move forward on their research.

The other president is working to stop all of this. The other president is working to unwind this insane deal and do what he can to prevent this state sponsor of terrorism from getting nuclear weapons. Now, who’s the smart one and who’s the dumb one? Is what Barack Hussein Obama did smart? No! It’s stupid! It’s dangerous, and it’s idiotic. And the people around Obama should have been petrified when he was doing this. The only problem is they all think alike. They all act alike, and they all believe alike.

They’re so stupid and shortsighted they think the United States of America is the problem. It’s unfair that the United States has such an advantage. It’s only fair that the Iranians get nuclear weapons. Nobody told us we couldn’t have them. Who are we to say they can’t? That’s stupid! But the guy trying to prevent that from happening is now said to be insane and unfit for office.

One president went out there and literally seized one-sixth of the U.S. economy and lied to the American people in doing it. He promised the American people that if we would just entrust our health care to him, somebody who doesn’t know anything about it beyond being a theoretician in the academic lounge. Somebody who’s never run a hospital, who’s never talked to anybody who’s run a hospital, who’s never had the slightest interest in running a hospital took over one-sixth of the U.S. economy along with the rest of his party, lied to the American people to do it, claiming that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, and if you like your insurance plan, you can keep that.

None of that was true. The American people were lied to 21 times on this alone. One-sixth of the American economy seized by the federal government, and the whole thing, Obamacare, led to an implosion of the American health care system, which was by design. Because this president wanted it to implode so the government could take over all of it. The other president is doing everything he can to unwind that and deregulate as much of the Obama health care takeover as he can.

Who’s the smart one, who’s the dumb one? Who’s the dangerous one, who’s the sane one? Who’s the man with whom we are in better hands here? One president slow-walks and handcuffs the military with stupid, dangerous rules of engagement preventing our military from defending themselves or acting aggressively and firing on bad guys. This allows ISIS to grow and expand while we sit around and do nothing about it and basically say, “Well, who are we to say they shouldn’t expand? Who are we to say? Nobody told us we shouldn’t.”

ISIS, a brutally inhumane, militaristic gang which one president said, “We’re doing everything we can. There’s not much we can do. Get used to it. They’re here.” Destabilizing the Middle East, destabilizing a victory in Iraq, leading to terror attacks around the world. The other president has systematically wiped out this organization in under a year. Who is the smart one and who’s the stupid one? Who’s the dangerous one and with whom are we in safer hands?


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