Limbaugh: We Live In A Country Where Lawless Mobs Can Offer Bounties On Citizens

RUSH: Unpunished? If I may interject, they’re [NBPP] not even being pursued. They haven’t been charged. We haven’t gotten to the punishment stage. Nobody’s even condemning this. Certainly Holder isn’t, from the Justice Department, nor is Obama. But I would say that, with all due respect, J. Christian Adams is mistaken. We do live in a nation where this is happening. He said we don’t live in that country. We do. He said we don’t live in a country where lawless mobs offer bounties on citizens. Yeah, we do. In fact, I happen to live in the state where it’s happening. Disney World is not far from where this is happening. So I must respectfully disagree. We do live in a country where lawless mobs can issue… certain lawless mobs can. Kilmeade said, “Besides Eric Holder, is there fear of inflaming race relations if you crack down on people who want to inflame race relations like the Black Panther Party?”

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