Limbaugh: Washington Doesn’t Want To Shut Down Illegal Immigration

RUSH: There was a law in 2006, and we talked about this a bunch of points in time previously this week. A 2006 law requires Congress to build 700 miles of fences. They built 36 miles and they stopped. There have been amendments offered to finish the job. It’s already the law! It isn’t being enforced. So amendments have been offered in the past two weeks to finish the job of building the fence. The amendments have failed.

The American people are not stupid. The American people can see that Republicans and Democrats, that Washington, does not want to shut down illegal immigration. That’s really the nub of this. Senator Rubio — and I don’t mean to pick on him. All of them: McCain, Graham, Schumer. Any of them can say anything. They can offer any amendment. Corker-Hoeven, whatever.

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