RUSH: Hey, I’m sorry to be screechy here, folks, but this is just outrageous. This presumptuous ass, James Clapper (imitating Clapper), “I’m very worried about this man, his fitness for office. And I really don’t understand the people that would show up for a rally like this. It’s very, very concerting, and then the really problematic thing that worries me is that this man has the nuclear codes.”

Give me a break. You worked for a guy that was hell-bent on pandering to the enemies of the United States, enabling the Iranians, of all people, to ramp up their nuclear weapons arsenal on the basis that we don’t have the right to tell any nation what they can and can’t do. So you don’t even subscribe to the idea, Mr. Clapper, that the United States has any presumptive moral authority based on our decency and goodness and our beacon-of-light existence for liberty and freedom. We’re just one of the scrum of nations out there.

That’s what’s been wrong. We’ve been led by a bunch of people that don’t think there’s anything special about America, who don’t think there’s anything exceptional about America, who believe that what needs to happen is that America needs to be cut down to size! And too many of those people have positions of authority at universities, not just on the faculty, but in the presidency. Too many of these people work in the Drive-By Media.

We are surrounded by people who, for whatever reason, think the United States is the problem in the world. We elect somebody who believes in the United States and wants to make it great again and these people start having conniption fits and start questioning his fitness for office? You’ve got it ass backwards, Director Clapper.


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