Limbaugh: Union Dues Are A Democrat Money Laundering Operation

RUSH: For example, in Wisconsin, 90% of the stimulus money in Wisconsin went to unions, public sector unions. Ninety percent of it went to teachers unions and government workers. That’s the money laundering. Obama can’t write himself a check from the Treasury, but he came in with $787 billion. And all over this country, it went to union members. It went to maintain union unemployment.

Teachers didn’t lose their jobs while everybody else did.

Government workers did not lose their jobs while everybody else did.

And since they kept their jobs, they continued to pay dues. And the dues are what end up being donated back to the Democrat Party or used by the union to fund advertising to elect Democrats. So essentially a large percentage of the $787 billion from the federal Treasury was sent to the unions across this country, keeping union workers employed, keeping them paying their dues. The dues then come back to Obama and the Democrats.

That’s the money-laundering operation, and that’s what the stimulus was about.

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