LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Best Bet Is To Get Back To “I.S.S.U.E.S.”

RUSH: I think that Trump’s best bet — and this is intelligence guided by experience — Trump’s best bet is to go back last week, two weeks, three weeks, a month ago, find out what he was doing when he was closing the polling gap and get back to doing that. And I can tell you what it was. I-s-s-u-e-s. Immigration, the military, national security, incompetence, fraud, all of that.

You know what I’m also hearing? People can’t believe, people that love Trump, people that want Trump to win can’t believe that he spent all week, including 3am tweets, on a former Miss Universe. So people are beginning to ask, like Michael Goodwin in the New York Post who wants Trump to win, asked in his column yesterday, does he really not want to? Is he afraid? ‘Cause every time he pulls even, every time he gains ground in these polls, and every time it looks like he’s got her on the ropes, he does something like this and blows it.

So Michael Goodwin’s asking himself, does he really not want to win this? Because these mistakes that he’s making, they defy logic. And he’s got enough experience now.

But then the other side of that is, “Rush, you still don’t get it. Trump is being who he is. He’s no different now than last summer, last fall. He’s going after this woman like he’s gone after anybody that’s attacked him. And that’s why he’s loved, and that’s why he’s gonna get elected, is because he’s the only guy in this campaign that’s real and acts like a real person acts and defends us as real people. No, Rush, Goodwin’s wrong, he’s not trying to lose. He’s just being who he is, and if that doesn’t work out, fine, he’s not gonna phony it up.” That’s the answer I hear from people that don’t think he’s anything but legit here.


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