LIMBAUGH: Trump Made ‘TACTICAL ERROR’ By Not Announcing ‘Shake-Up’ On Thursday Or Friday

August 17, 2016:

RUSH: One thing, though, that needs to be pointed out here, and I’m not the first to do it. If you’ve been watching cable news all morning you no doubt have heard this. Trump was in Milwaukee last night, actually 45 minutes north of Milwaukee, and we’ve got the sound bites coming up.

He gave another good speech. Folks, it was a damn good speech. It was knockdown good, and you will hear how good it was by listening to the sheer panic in the aftermath of the speech from CNN, from their commentators and their Democrat strategists. So what did the Trump campaign do? They promptly gave the media an excuse to not report it. They promptly gave the media an excuse to ignore Trump’s speech last night by announcing this campaign shakeup or change or whatever they’re calling it. So that now is the news about the Trump campaign, meaning the two new hires, Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and nobody is talking about the speech that Trump gave.

You know, somebody there should have understood something here. You know, you gonna shake up the campaign, you gonna add some people to it. They’re very insistent that it’s not a shakeup ’cause nobody got fired and nobody’s been reassigned. It’s just a couple of people were added, whatever. You know, announce this Thursday or Friday. You know, announce it when I’m not here. That way you’re guaranteed to sneak it under the radar and let the news of Trump’s speech lead, because he took on the problems in Milwaukee, I mean, he dove head first into it.

We haven’t seen anybody take on these cultural problems at all, particularly from the Republican side, and Trump did last night. But you don’t know about it because the news is the campaign shakeup. It’s an error. It’s a tactical error. Look, it’s not a long lasting thing. It doesn’t mean win or lose. There was a smarter way of doing this, and I’m sure they know it.


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