LIMBAUGH: Trump Didn’t Give Carrier A ‘Tax Break’, They Got ‘TAX RELIEF’

RUSH: So now Trump decided that he’s gonna try to keep these jobs, and Carrier is an example where he’s done it. And I think we need to focus on the fact that he did it. Now, a lot of people are coming along and criticizing it, trying to. “Well, yeah. Well, Carrier got $7 million in tax breaks. Of course they’re gonna stay!” Wait a minute now. Go back to what I said at the top of the hour. We won! We are on offense. Nobody got “tax breaks.” Carrier got “tax relief.” The language is key. Carrier didn’t get a tax break.

We didn’t give Carrier a loophole so that they can now be criticized.

We gave them tax relief. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. One of the reasons why companies have so much money offshore is because it’s cheaper! It’s simply cheaper to operate the business offshore than it is domestically because of the tax rate, 35%, which is higher than anywhere else in the industrialized world. And one of the things the Trump team says they’re gonna do is lower that to 15%.


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