LIMBAUGH: This Is Why Trump Refers To CNN As ‘FAKE NEWS’

RUSH: This is why Donald Trump refers to CNN as “fake news.” Okay. Now, two questions here. First question is: FBI tells Priebus, “Hey — wink, wink — we know that the reporting in the New York Times story about you guys and the Russians is not accurate.” How does that conversation get to CNN? Who told CNN that this even happened? Did McCabe call CNN and tell them? Did Priebus call CNN? Well, we can rule Priebus out. Who might have overheard this? We have no idea. But how does CNN learn about this?

McCabe knocks on the door, comes into Priebus’s office or wherever it happened. I don’t know if they were in the Oval Office. I have no idea. But McCabe says to Priebus whatever he says.; CNN reports it. How does CNN know? In other words, who is leaking? How does CNN find out about it? The second thing is, why isn’t the headline of this story: “FBI Backs White House, Says New York Times Stories About Trump-Russia Contacts Is Not Accurate”? Why isn’t that the headline? Because that’s the story!

The story is that the FBI told Priebus (paraphrased), “We know that these New York Times stories — and the Journal, too — about your dealing with Russia is not accurate.” That event produces a headline at CNN: “FBI Refused White House Request to Knock Down Recent Trump-Russia Stories.” How do you get there? Well, you get there because apparently Priebus responded somehow. I don’t know if he asked McCabe, “Well, can you tell the media that? Why are you telling me! Can you tell the media?” Or, “Can I share what you’ve just shared with me?”

Who knows, folks? This is above my pay grade in terms of the dynamic. But the thrust of the story, the real news in this story is that the FBI knows the story is flat-out BS. That’s the story, and CNN knows that’s the story. Yet not if you read CNN or watch it, and they spend hours with panels discussing how the Trump administration’s flouting the rule of law and trying to co-opt and politicize the FBI. This is why people say the media is in bed with the opposition to Republicans. There’s no question about it! There’s no doubt the media is. It’s like the flag business at CPAC today.


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