Limbaugh: There Was No ‘Accusing’ Krauthammer, Simply ‘Incredulity’

RUSH: I have to go back to yesterday.  I knew this was gonna happen.  There was no way to keep it from happening.  I got this Politico story here by Dylan Byers, “Limbaugh vs. Krauthammer — Rush Limbaugh took aim at columnist Charles Krauthammer on Monday, sparking yet another intra-party debate among conservative pundits.”  I did not do that.  I do not do feuds.  I do not do intra-party debates and things like that.  It was not the purpose. 

Let me go through this again.  I didn’t even see it.  Fox did a one-hour special on Krauthammer’s life in conjunction with his new book, and, by the way, he sent me a signed copy of it that I received Friday. The staff didn’t give it to me until yesterday after I had done this segment.  But I was told and then I got the audio and heard it myself that Dr. Krauthammer said he didn’t get fully who Obama was until five weeks after he was inaugurated.  And I was incredulous at that.  I still am.  I spent the first hour of the program yesterday trying to explain what I sense is a — actually, that illustrated a great problem that we have.


There hasn’t been one thing Obama’s done that surprised me.  Not one aspect of any of his policies surprises me.  Benghazi doesn’t surprise me.  Obamacare, the mess that it is, doesn’t surprise me.  Nothing surprises me.  I never expected the guy to be moderate.  But others held out hope, maybe, or…? I don’t know.  I’m not gonna assign motivations I can’t possibly know.  But this business of accusing? There was no accusing here.  There was simply incredulity.

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