LIMBAUGH: There Is A ‘War On Capitalism’

RUSH: And keep in mind, at the same time the government is intentionally driving up the price of their electricity and their gasoline and their food.  “What do you mean intentionally, Mr. Limbaugh?” What do I mean intentionally?  Obama’s policies are designed to make things more expensive.  And even if they’re not designed to, they are causing it to happen.  You cannot shrink the workforce by nine million jobs, you cannot delay the implementation of new pipelines to get more oil in the country, and not have the price of oil go up.

You cannot attack the coal industry and not expect the price of electricity to go up.  Everything this administration is doing is causing prices to go up.  Everything.  All the while, they tell you it’s these evil CEOs and evil Republicans and evil fat cats cheating you.  There is a war on the private sector in this country.  There is a war on capitalism.  There is a war on electricity.  There is a war on coal.  There is a war on oil.  And it’s being conducted by the president and his party.

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