Limbaugh Slams ‘STUPID’ Meryl Streep And Hugh Laurie For Attacks On Trump At Golden Globes

RUSH: And of course we’ve got the Golden Globes and Meryl Streep and the special kind of stupid that — you know, I think this is all good, folks. Everybody’s now seeing these people for who they are, and they are able to look at this and digest it now with a totally different mind-set and circumstance. These are the losers now that are saying all this, not the winners, not the people who’ve been dominating. They are the losers, and it’s just striking.

I listen to people like Meryl Streep and I listen to people like Hugh Laurie, who, I just wish would shut up. I don’t want to watch their work anymore. You know, Hugh Laurie is great. He was great in House, he was great in, what is it, The Night Manager. He was the great in a Hulu exclusive called Chance. But I don’t want to watch the guy anymore after this because they’re stupid.

I mean, Meryl Streep actually thinks that Donald Trump’s gonna deport Hollywood. She must literally think that to say what she said. And then this business that Trump mocked and made fun of a special needs or — not special needs, handicapped — he didn’t do that. I have my own personal experience with this, I know exactly how the left does this kind of stuff.



Rush Limbaugh TORCHES Meryl Streep: ‘A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID!’


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