Limbaugh Slams Michelle Obama’s Food Marketing Summit: It’s None Of Her Business

RUSH:  Here are the details on Michelle Obama’s food-marketing summit — and, again, it’s none of her business.  This is not something you would ever see a Republican president do.  It’s none of her business the way food’s marketed and sold.  I mean, she could go out and make speeches. She can do what she can if she wants educate people.  But to bring these companies in? I don’t care what they call it.

When you have the first lady calling you in, complaining about what you’re doing, there’s an implied threat, and these people are totally comfortable using this kind of statist power on people.  This is where, folks, you and I, we conservatives, this does not interest us at all.  We believe in the free market.  We believe in life.  We believe in people having choice, to live their life as they choose.  Coca-Cola, Twinkie, doesn’t kill anybody.  It’s none of our business. 

People want to drink this stuff.  If all this stuff is rotten, what needs to happen is Michelle Obama needs to propose that it be banned.  But if they won’t ban tobacco because of the tax revenue they get from it, then what kind of phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ rollers are we dealing with anyway?  So it says here, this is from the AP, “Concerned about the nation’s childhood obesity issues…”

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