LIMBAUGH: Republicans Slowly But Surely WIPING The Obama Presidency Off The Map

RUSH: So the Republicans are slowly but surely wiping the Obama presidency off the map, and if you don’t necessarily agree with they’re being successful with that, you have to admit that there is an effort underway to do just that. And if you don’t find it within the halls of Capitol Hill and the Congress in the House and the Senate, you do find it at the White House. There is a serious effort to wipe the Obama presidency off the map, and the big signature claim to Obama’s presidency is Obamacare, and the first step has been taken.

This has caused Obama now to show up in public and to try to tamper with this effort — which was predicted. He’s now claiming that it’s a courageous thing to have done Obamacare, and we must muster courage to stop what the Republicans are trying to do. Democrats of all stripes have rejected and continue to reject Trump as president. But more than that, they are apoplectic over the prospect of a diminished Obama legacy. Obama’s just applied for certification and tax status of his future Obama presidential library.

And, by the way, he has attempted to set it up the same way the Clintons set up the Clinton Crime Family Foundation, which became the Clinton Global Initiative. The whole Clinton operation began as the president’s Library and Massage Parlor thing in Little Rock, and everything about it grew from that well beyond the limits of the law in terms of what you can do raising money, spending money, tax consequences. Obama’s model is almost identical to what the Clintons did except Obama’s not gonna spend six years in the transition from the presidential library to the vacuum cleaner that the Clinton Foundation became in accepting foreign contributions for who knows whatever.

Obama’s in the process of setting up the same thing. And of course the presidential library is the first thing, and that’s where all the great achievements are and all the presidential papers signaling the great work and the brilliance — and here come those rascally Republicans right on the day and the month that Obama’s establishing his library, trying to wipe out his signature achievement! So they’re apoplectic about this. They’re apoplectic over the prospect of a diminished Obama legacy.

And make no mistake. You know, if Trump unwinds Obama’s Iran deal, we’re gonna hear how the world is coming to a quick and bloody end. It’s gonna be the same list of catastrophes. “People are gonna die! People are gonna get murdered! People are gonna get sick.” It’s a never-ending litany that really comes under the umbrella, “Republicans are killing people! Republicans are starving children!” And it’s gotten to the point now that it’s lunacy. There’s an effort to wipe the Obama presidency off the map. This has triggered a metastasizing rage.


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