LIMBAUGH: Republicans Are Squandering An Opportunity They Never Thought They’d Get

RUSH: We’re living at a time in our lives, you and me — politically, we’re living in circumstances — I don’t think very many of us ever thought we would have.

Do you realize that aside from the embeds and the career people that have been appointed to the various levels of bureaucracy by previous presidents going all the way back to Jimmy Carter…? Aside from that, the Republican Party, on paper, runs Washington, D.C. The Democrat Party, on paper, has not had this low a power profile since the 1920s. I’m referring to elected positions held. Now, don’t forget the caveat: I know there’s all kinds of Obama holdovers and Clinton holdovers at the Pentagon, the DOJ, and I know that matters. I know that counts.

But they still do not have the power that the Republicans have, and it is one of the most perplexing and frustrating and angering things, a circumstance… I don’t know how many of you ever really thought the Republicans would win the White House, control the Senate and the House at the same time, with such majorities. Two seats in the Senate. But even Trump’s electoral victory. Yet, despite that, what outward evidence of it do we see? I would submit that most of you think that the media and therefore the Democrats still run Washington.

Even though the media hasn’t been elected to anything. The media does not hold elective power. The Republicans do. It is one of the most exasperating things. Six months into a Republican administration, after how many years of promises to, say, repeal Obamacare, and we’re not an inch closer to it in reality than we were before last year’s election? It’s not gonna get any better than this. The only way it could get better is if this Republican majority were populated by more conservatives and different ideological types.

But that’s not gonna happen in our lifetimes, it doesn’t look like. This is it! It doesn’t… It’s not gonna get any better than this, and I cannot believe that this opportunity is not seen by these very Republicans we’re talking about in Washington — in the House, in the Senate, throughout the administration. (interruption) No, no. My head’s not in the sand; I understand they all hate Trump, or enough of them do. I understand all that. Actually, folks, it’s one of my points here. It’s an opportunity being squandered, and I know it has you frustrated.

What Trump is talking about here is: Why aren’t these Republican committees, why aren’t these Republican investigators — why isn’t my attorney general — looking into Hillary Clinton’s crimes? If you’re gonna investigate what-all went on with Russia, how in the world do you leave the Democrats out of it? How do you leave Hillary Clinton out of it? The Republicans run the show! It’s time for the Republicans to start acting like it. Politics is what it is. The Republicans don’t appear to want to play the game.

I know the old saw: They didn’t think they were gonna win, therefore they weren’t prepared. So what? They did win. It ought to be euphoric. It ought to be exciting. Apparently, it isn’t. Apparently, it’s frustrating and challenging and all kinds of things you would never associate with victory. Victory shouldn’t be a problem. Victory shouldn’t be a negative. We’re in a huge battle in this country, and it isn’t populists and nationalists versus conservatives or conservatives versus moderates or moderates versus progressives.

We are in a battle for the future of the country. You could call it “patriots versus progressives.” You could call it “Americanism versus liberalism.” You could call it what it is. Whatever you want to call it. It is what it is. It is us against the progressives who are attempting to change and transform this country away from what it was founded to be, and there just doesn’t seem to be any push-back, especially with all of this power. And do not doubt me: They have loads of power, and they’re not using it.

We can come up with all the guesses (and we would be right eight out of 10 times) why they’re not investigating Hillary, why they are not investigating the Democrats’ connection with the Russians. By the way, there’s new news out today that the FBI did get hold of some computer equipment from Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz’s IT guy that they would not turn over to the FBI. There’s a potential gold mine there to be investigated of Hillary and the Democrats and the Democrat National Committee, and there just doesn’t seem (that we know of, anyway) to be any energy to uncover it.

All of the energy seems to be focused on getting Trump and getting rid of Trump — which I, of course, am not denying that they want to do that. We’ve chronicled it here. But an opportunity is being squandered the likes of which (chuckles) we never thought we were gonna get. We hoped for it, and it probably is not something we could reasonably expect happen again. If it does, it’s only because the Democrats are so hapless.

Even in the midst of all of this, the Democrats still cannot come up with an issue-oriented agenda to appeal to voters. All they’ve got is their phrase, “Well, we’re not those guys,” or “Trump sucks,” or whatever it is they’re running around saying. They don’t have… They can’t come up with one thing to give people a reason to vote for them. That’s how decrepit their agenda actually is. It just adds to the frustration that the opportunity we all see in front of us being squandered presents.


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