Limbaugh OUTRAGED By Gov. Rick Perry Indictment

RUSH: Now to Rick Perry.  When I first heard this over the weekend, I can’t tell you how outraged I was.  Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and now Rick Perry. Three potential Republican presidential nominees, all smeared, all targeted via indictment and criminal charges simply because of political differences.  I don’t care what happens here.

The media will see to it that from now on, for the rest of his life, every news story featuring Rick Perry will have the word “indicted” in it. In the first paragraph. Every story, for the rest of his life! Every other headline: “The indicted governor, formally indicted. Acquitted, yes, but still indicted.”  Remember, now, we’re talking presidential candidate. 

I don’t care how far gone we are with low-information voters, they are never gonna support an indicted Republican.  They’ll support indicted Democrats left and right.  So it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter the outcome here.  You want to talk about a smear? This is a smear.  This is character assassination.  But I want to tell you a little bit about who did it.  It’s not just Travis County.  It’s not just the DA and the grand jury in Travis County. 

This all started with a report by a group called Texans for Public Justice.

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NO JOKE! RUSH: Rick Perry Indictment Is DEAD SERIOUS

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