LIMBAUGH: Oprah Winfrey Is NOT A Nationwide Vote-Getter

RUSH: And here comes Oprah with a speech at an awards show and the entire Hollywood left can barely contain themselves.

These people, after deriding and ridiculing Trump for being nothing more than a TV personality and an unserious guy with no electoral or political experience running for president, it’s an insult, it’s absurd, never mind the Republican Never Trumpers. And now, what’s the Democrat Party thinking of doing? And don’t think they’re divorced from this.

Here’s The Oprah, who may be the biggest celebrity they think they have, so now they think, as the copycats that they are, they think that the route to the White House is coming up with a more popular celebrity than Donald Trump is. And now they want to test that with The Oprah. And I’m gonna tell you this. The Oprah is not a nationwide vote-getter like these people think she is.

And nobody in Hollywood is. Tom Hanks, take your pick of any of them. Throw ’em up there, make ’em candidates, put ’em on the stump and I will guarantee you not one of them gets close to what Donald Trump pulled off. No different than the Democrat Party. They sit there and tell themselves that what they think and what they believe is what the vast majority of Americans think and believe.

Hollywood, same thing, they go out and make these movies that nobody’s going to see anymore and yet they tell themselves that they are reflecting and mirroring the majority of Americans. They are as out of touch as the inside-the-Beltway crowd is. What are you smirking at? I don’t think Oprah Winfrey could get anywhere near the total number of millions of votes that the Trumpster got. No way.


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