LIMBAUGH: ObamaCare Turns Lawyer Into A Welfare Case

RUSH: This is the guy, this is what they’re looking for.  Now, hang in there with me, folks.  This is not over.  This is exactly what they’re looking for, a 30-year-old healthy guy to sign up and pay the freight so that nanaw and grandpa can be treated.  They’re looking for 30-year-olds who are not gonna get sick, not gonna put any financial strain on the system. They pay the premium, they pay the freight.  This guy had a premium of 39 bucks.  He wanted to see if he could beat that on Obamacare, and he did. 

“So, how much of a premium is strapping young Brendan Mahoney paying to help make ObamaCare work? Oops. The Courant reports that Mahoney ‘said that by filling out the application online, he discovered he was eligible for Medicaid.'”  So 30-year-old strapping, healthy dude, Brendan Mahoney, beginning next year will not pay any premium at all because Obamacare, the exchange, told him, based on the way he filled out the data, that he is eligible for Medicaid. 

What a fabulous success story for Obamacare’s first day.  Here we have a future lawyer — remember, now, this guy is I think a 3L at the University of Connecticut.  He was gonna be a lawyer, might still be a lawyer.  He was already paying for insurance, and he’s been converted into a welfare case.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the objective.  When you strip it all away, this shows how all of this is really designed to work.

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