Limbaugh: Obama Second Term “Shovel-Ready Job, Burying The American Economy”

RUSH: Folks, there’s no fixing this with Obama.  There’s none.  All we’re gonna get is cement poured on top of this.  We’re in the grave.  We’re in the grave.  Still alive in the grave.  And they haven’t poured the dirt on, but that’s what the second term is.  In fact, that might be a good graphic for the website:  Country in a casket, we’re still breathing, they haven’t put the dirt on us yet.  That’s what the second term is.  Obama’s second term, shovel-ready job, burying the American economy. Yep, there it is.  Michaele, get to work on that for the website this afternoon.  
That’s brilliant.  Came up with that just now myself right off the top of my fertile head. 

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