LIMBAUGH: Obama Punishing Achievers

RUSH: So, here’s Obama who is out in the White House today, and he’s making a speech about jobs and employment, and he is describing White House efforts to help the long-term unemployed.  Now, this is the president of the United States, and it goes by pretty quick.  It’s only 13 seconds, but this is what he said.

OBAMA:  Today I am directing every federal agency to make sure we are evaluating candidates on the level, without regard to their employment history, because every job applicant deserves a fair shot.

RUSH:  Now, I would imagine, to of those — well, I don’t think there are many of you in this audience who fall for it, frankly, but to those of you who have thought, “Wow, that’s really cool,” let me translate for you what he’s really saying.  We are going to make sure that the least qualified get hired just as much as the most qualified because they are the least qualified.  That’s a fair shot.  So, once again Obama, by his own admission, lowering standards, punishing achievers, by moving them to the back because their achievement has given them an unfair advantage.

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