LIMBAUGH: Obama Approves Of Himself

RUSH: Here’s an AP story: “Sources: US Surveillance Planes Fly Over Syria.”

Now, listen to this first paragraph.  What stands out here?  “The US has begun surveillance flights over Syria after President Barack Obama gave the OK.”  On cable TV there was a story: “Obama Approves of Drone Flights Over Syria.”  What is this “gave the okay and approves”?  It’s his decision.  Is he approving of himself?  Did he write himself a memo and give the okay?  I mean, what is this?  This is another example of it. 

So here’s this guy, he’s in North Carolina, and somebody said, “Yeah, yeah, we want to fly some drones over Syria.” 

“Okay, I approve. I approve that. I okay that.”  (interruption)  What?  (interruption)  Well, yeah, that’s another thing.  (laughing)  You mean up ’til now we haven’t been flying drones over Syria?  That’s another matter.  The point here is that we’re flying drones over Syria, who knows and who cares when it started, and the story is that the White House, Obama, approved it, that Obama gave the okay.

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