LIMBAUGH: Not Only Was Bill Clinton “RIDIN’ DIRTY”, Hillary Was “RIDIN’ SHOTGUN”

RUSH: And the next one here is from Jeff Greenfield, our old buddy ABC News now writing at the Politico mag: ” How Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Are Forcing an Awakening on the Left.” And the subheadline here: “Years of excusing Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct suddenly seems morally indefensible.”

Why suddenly, Jeff, old buddy, old pal? Why is Clinton’s sexual misconduct suddenly morally indefensible? Because it was always totally and completely indefensible. It must work into your playbook to suddenly be outraged by this lifetime of abuse of women by Bill Clinton. And, by the way, there is still a person who is co-elephant in the room who so far has gotten a pass. Because it’s not Bill Clinton. It is “the” Clintons.

Not only did Bill Clinton do the deeds. Not only was Bill Clinton riding dirty in the mortal words of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the Barack Obama church, not only was Bill riding dirty, Hillary was riding shotgun. Hillary was destroying and helping to destroy any of the women who had been ridden dirty who were coming forth to say so. And so far we haven’t had any news stories from guilty leftists suggesting that it’s time we stop giving Hillary a pass in the defense of her husband’s mistreatment of these women.

Why does Hillary continue to get a pass but now we’re in the process, the left is in the process of throwing the big dog overboard?


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