LIMBAUGH: Mueller Investigation Is The First Phase Of The Attempt To IMPEACH Trump

RUSH: So I was mentioning this to Mr. Snerdley and he said, “Well, what’s this going to do to the Mueller investigation?”

It’s not going to change Mueller. They’re not trying to find proof. Mueller is not going to try to find proof of collusion. There isn’t any. It didn’t happen. Mueller is doing something entirely different, as my good buddy Andy McCarthy cited last week. Mueller’s investigation, essentially, is the first phase of the attempt to impeach Trump — and looking into Paul Manafort and everything about Manafort’s life?

They’re looking for process crimes, and looking for dirt on people they can use to flip them and get them to admit things or testify about various things that have happened in the Trump organization even long before Trump became a candidate. They’re heading down the path of trying to establish that Trump is unfit for office. Believe me, this North Korea stuff is going to fit into that.


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