LIMBAUGH: Mueller Investigation Is A Matter Of ‘PURE, TOTAL POLITICS’

RUSH: The thing to understand is what they’re now pursuing at the special counsel is an impeachment based on obstruction of justice.

And we’re not… If the House, which is now run by Republicans… You know, if Mueller brings his case to the House — which he can do — and if he can recommend that the House start impeachment proceedings, the House can say, “Okay.” Or they can say, “Screw it! We’re not going to.” The politics of all this is gonna determine it. If, for example, the House Republicans, majority think that there is overwhelming public opinion hold Trump accountable, they will do it. If Trump’s base doesn’t abandon him, if Trump’s supporters are all-in and the Republicans are holding solid behind Trump, then they probably won’t do it.

Although the temptation is gonna be great, because it’s swamp versus outsider. In my mind, what’s really going on here is a silent coup. It’s no different than what we had suspected from the get-go, that this whole thing has been a sham, that there is no collusion, that there never was any collusion, that the special counsel was impaneled and given his charge here in violation of Justice Department regulations, which require a crime. You cannot, according to regulations at DOJ, appoint a special counsel without there being a crime to investigate. In this case, the deputy AG let Mueller investigate the world in search of a crime.

The best they can come up with is that Michael Flynn lied while being investigated, and this might propel them to being able to go with an obstruction case that would lead to impeachment. This case has always been about impeachment, not indictments and guilty verdicts in a court of law. Which makes it a matter of pure, total politics. And they’re going after Trump on a false premise. They’ve got everybody ginned up here on a false premise of collusion.


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