Limbaugh Mocks Chelsea Clinton For Claiming She Doesn’t Care About Money

RUSH: Then we had this New York Daily News story: “Chelsea Clinton Tried to Care About Money But Couldn’t.”  What this story is about is that Chelsea’s so selfless. (paraphrased) “She so cares about others. She doesn’t care about money!  They tried to make her care! (sobs) They really tried to make her care about money and its importance and earning it and all that, but she didn’t care! She just wants to help people.”

Right. Okay. So this little story here. I remembered it so we looked it up and got it. It’s a month or so ago, maybe a little longer.  “So much for any doubt that Chelsea Clinton and her husband of three years, Marc Mezvinsky, aren’t in it for the long haul. … The daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton and her financier husband have signed a contract for a marvelous 4-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom apartment in the Flatiron District of Manhattan.

“The 4,967-square-foot condo is in a building on East 26th Street that was built in 1924 … was listed for $10.5 million…” They couldn’t get Chelsea interested in money, see? (sobbing) “She doesn’t care about money! It doesn’t matter to her! She wants to do things for other people.  She’s just sees there’s so much suffering in the world.  If — if she could, she would donate every kidney and she would donate her liver and her pancreas!

“She would donate her brain if she could and still live! She just wants to help people.  She would donate her brain if she could but she can’t, sadly. (sob) She just doesn’t care about money!” She moved into a $10.5 million pad in the Flatiron District with her financier husband! She doesn’t care about money?  But, see, they get away it because of the good intentions. 

 (interruption)  Who is gonna rip…? (interruption)  Of… (interruption)  Oh, of course they’re gonna rip me, but it’s not because Chelsea’s pregnant.  They’re gonna rip me because I dare not swallow this for-public-consumption PR campaign.  That’s why they’re gonna rip me.  I don’t care!  I really don’t care. (sigh)

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