LIMBAUGH: Melania’s Girl-On-Girl Photos Might Wrap Up LGBT Vote For Trump

RUSH: Have you seen the New York Post again with nude photos of Melania Trump?  And today these are, what would you call, girl-on-girl I think is the — nude girl-on-girl photos with Melania and other women.

I think this probably might wrap up the LGBTQ vote for Trump.  You never know how these things are seen.  You never know.  And the single white male vote, particularly the some or no college educated white male vote.  Yeah, I mean, isn’t this the kind of stuff that makes people big stars today on Twitter and Facebook, TMZ?  I mean, this is just the Kardashians in a sense of the subject type stuff.  I mean, it’s relatable.



Melania Trump’s Girl-On-Girl Photos From Racy Shoot Revealed

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