LIMBAUGH: Matt Lauer Is Gonna Be Back In The Drive-By Media Inside Of A Year

RUSH: Let me tell you what everybody knows. We all know how the drill works here. Matt Lauer is gonna be back in the Drive-By Media inside of a year, and so is Charlie Rose. If Charlie isn’t, it’s gonna be an age thing. But Matt Lauer’s gonna be back. Just like Brian Williams was back after six months sabbatical at home. I’m waiting for Brian Williams to say that Matt Lauer harassed him. You know, Brian likes to be in every news story. But we all know the drill here. This isn’t permanent.

These people circle the wagons. You know, Dan Rather is still out there putzing around doing news stories. There’s always gonna be somebody somewhere in the Drive-By Media who will look past all this, and Matt Lauer will be hired somewhere. I don’t know that Bill O’Reilly will, but Matt Lauer will. Safe to say? So (sobbing), “Yeah, I feel so bad! I feel so bad.” But don’t. ‘Cause, you know, you just have to go through the role here. You got to play the game. Okay, so you’re trying to get Trump on this stuff (chuckling) and the wrong people keep showing up.

You gotta dump ’em. “It’s the price that we pay to get Trump.”


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