LIMBAUGH: Matt Drudge Is Abiding By The Law

RUSH: The individual mandate went into effect Jan. 1 of this year, and most people paying their taxes right now are paying taxes for 2013. ‘Dude, there’s no penalty until next yr,’ Sahil Kapur of the leftwing Talking Points Memo tweeted.  Kapur’s colleague at TPM Dylan Scott wrote a full story with a headline alleging Drudge was ‘probably lying.’ ‘Americans don’t pay a penalty for not having health insurance until they file their 2014 taxes — in 2015,’ Scott wrote.

“‘So either Drudge is lying or he paid a huge penalty a year earlier than he needed to.’ ‘Penalty isn’t collected until 2015,’ Sam Baker of National Journal tweeted at Drudge.   The Huffington Post’s Jeffrey Young wrote a full article in which he described Drudge’s tweet as ‘weird’ and a ‘little head-scratching’ because the Obamacare tax does not kick in until the 2014 tax year.

“Drudge indicated in his follow-up tweets that since he is self-employed as the proprietor of The Drudge Report, he files as a small business. According to the IRS’s website for self-employed individuals, they are required to pay taxes quarterly. ‘As a self-employed individual, generally you are required to file an annual return and pay estimated tax quarterly,’ the IRS website reads.  So, when they file and pay those 2014 first quarter taxes, such individuals have to pay the Obamacare Individual Mandate tax if they opted to not have health insurance…”

It’s on the IRS website, and still the media is running around calling Drudge a liar.  Drudge is abiding by the law.  They are calling him a liar; they’re accusing him of trying to damage Obama.  He is now referring to them as “The Obama Media.”  “Additionally,” ladies and gentlemen, “the IRS form (1040-ES) for estimating quarterly taxes…” The ES there is for “estimates,” for those of you in Rio Linda.

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