LIMBAUGH: Lending Your Support To WWII Veterans Is Odd? In Whose Mind?

RUSH: So on MSNBC this morning on the famous Morning Joe show, F. Chuck Todd showed up, the former political director for NBC, and he described it as “odd,” the decision that Cruz and Palin made to attend this rally on Sunday. He said, “Yesterday it was Cruz and Palin doing this odd protest and you’re just sitting there going, ‘What planet are you guys on? What planet are you living on?'” F. Chuck’s talking about himself. He says, “I’m sitting here watching this, and thinking, ‘What planet are these people on?'”

Now stop and think: Chuck Todd thinks it’s odd that a former governor and a sitting senator would join World War II vets protesting the fact that their memorial is closed. He can’t understand what in the world they would be doing. It’s just confusing. “What planet are they on?” He can’t for the life of him understand it. So what does this mean? Lending your support to World War II veterans is odd? In whose mind? Fascinating.

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