Limbaugh: Left Turning MLK Into A Commodity

RUSH:  What was that I just heard?  Andrew Young, the former mayor of Atlanta, has just proclaimed Trayvon Martin Luther King a martyr.  You’re gonna hear that name a lot today, Trayvon Martin Luther King.  Okay.  From CBS Eyeball News in Washington: “Would Martin Luther King Jr. Support Obamacare? The president believes so.” We’ve got sound bites of this. This is Barack yesterday on the radio with Tom Joyner in the Morning talking about the MLK event.

Joyner said, “What do you think [Martin Luther King Jr.] would say about Obamacare?” Now, here’s the thing.  Martin Luther King Jr. can now be used to promote anything.  And in the process, I think if these people on the left are not careful, they’re gonna end up diminishing this man.  They’re gonna commercialize this man and this speech, and they’re gonna turn him and what he stood for into a commodity.  I mean, they’re dangerously close to commoditizing this now.

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