LIMBAUGH: KUDOS To Gov. Scott Walker

RUSH: I’m telling you, it’s a great little microcosm of what can happen to the country and in state after state after state if it’s just tried.  And, frankly, this is why so many of us are frustrated at the establishment of the Republican Party.  Why not do this?  What harm has come to the Republicans in Wisconsin?  What harm has come to Scott Walker?  He didn’t have to become a Democrat. He didn’t have to start talking about amnesty. He didn’t have to start pursuing Hispanics or any of the things that the establishment Republicans say they have to do in order to win. 

He just remained true to his own ideology.  He remained true to his beliefs and his desires, remained dedicated, implemented the stuff after promising people this is who he was and after promising people this was what he was gonna do, he’s done it, and it’s working.  So we’re not dealing with theory anymore.  And it happened in a blue state, a blue state capital, by the way.  There are blue states and there are blue states.  This is a huge blue state.  It is rife with union control, rife with rabid, radical leftists, extremists all over that state who tried to destroy this guy. 

And not only did he keep his job, not only did he beat them back, he succeeded in implementing exactly what he promised he was going to do.  And here’s a $1 billion tax cut.  He’s got not a gimmick, but he’s got economic policy generating this surplus.  And he’s got more people working; that creates more taxpayers; that creates more revenue flowing to Wisconsin, and even at that he’s able to cut taxes, because there are more people working and because as more people are working and paying taxes, you need to decrease the amount each person pays.  It’s just simple mathematics, and it works every time it’s tried. 

So kudos from us here at the EIB to Governor Walker, ’cause this hasn’t been easy.  It hasn’t been easy for him and it hasn’t been easy for his supporters.  He’s been going up against a Democrat machine led by no less than President Obama and all these other personages.  So we’re no longer in the realm of theory.  Once again it has been demonstrated to people.  And I think it’s great.  I think he deserves his kudos and all the respect in the world and guts for hanging in.

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