LIMBAUGH: Journalists Standards Declining Left And Right To Prop Up Obama

RUSH: “There’s nothing wrong with Obama going on a comedy show. What’s wrong with that?” Well, I maintain to you that it’s not a serious thing to do. It’s not a place to discuss what Obama was going to discuss. That’s just me and my tip of the hat to tradition, but it’s also the idea that I take foreign policy and the office of the presidency pretty seriously.

It’s not something to be joked about and watered down for the sake of building a bridge of compatibility to the low-information population. But that’s what it’s being used as. So given now that it’s perfectly fine, “We shouldn’t be surprised that Leno asks tough questions and we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama went there. Because the definition of a journalist is expanding — and that, of course, is having to accommodate whatever Obama does.

“Because we cannot,” if we’re in the Drive-By Media, “criticize the imperial president, Barack Obama.  No way.  No how.  It can’t happen.” In fact, I’ll even make this point: If the president today were George W. Bush, and George W. Bush had gone on Leno and gotten the same questions that Leno asked Obama, I don’t think that we’d be reading today about how Leno asked Bush tough questions or real questions. 

I think that the Drive-Bys would categorize Leno as lobbing softballs at Bush if George W. Bush got the same kinds of questions from Leno that Obama got.  Because if Bush had gone on there and Leno hadn’t asked, “How come you don’t care that 3,000 people died in Iraq?” and “How come the world hates you?” You know, all of these stereotypical templates and narratives that they think were true. If Leno hadn’t brought them up, it would have been a softball interview.

So it just means, folks, that standards are not worth much any more.  Standards are declining left and right, and it doesn’t matter.  It’s whatever is necessary to prop up Obama.

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