LIMBAUGH: IT’S OVER! NFL Is Never Gonna Be What It Was

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RUSH: I told you the NFL was gone two years ago. When I saw the sports media, which derives its living from this game, all of these sports reporters, commentators, when I saw them jump on this concussion bandwagon and start beating up and creating this image that this game is dangerous, it’s deadly, and the owners don’t care and the commissioner doesn’t care, when that started, when the media started bringing down the very league they cover, I told you two years ago, go back and find the original show, get the tape, it’s over.

We just don’t know it yet, we don’t know when, but it’s over, and it’s happening faster than I thought it would. I’ll tell you something else that’s happening in the NFL that nobody’s talking about yet. All of the mothers and dads at the Pop Warner level, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, not letting their kids play football. Why would you? You can’t watch a football game for the fun of it anymore. Football now is watching in fear that somebody may die. Somebody’s gonna get a brain injury and die. You can’t watch the game the way you used to anymore. That is the impact of this. It is over.

For all practical matters, the NFL is never gonna be what it was. Social activism has taken over. It’s infected. The media, being liberal social activists, have participated in this whether they know it or not. All of these players suspensions, taking your marquee players and suspending them for four games, six games, 10 games, 11 games, thinking that you’re impressing fans, any allegation of spousal abuse, doesn’t matter, we’re gonna get rid of you whether the cops charge you or not. Hello, Ezekiel Elliott. And the media reports this like they love it!

They love this kind of stuff. They love covering suspensions. They love covering court battles. Every that’s got nothing to do with the game. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t some bad actors here; don’t misunderstand. But they’ve always been there. And the fans accepted it, but now that’s becoming what the league is known for, the dangers, the risks, players have brain damage and are gonna commit suicide by the time they’re 50, that’s what people think when they watch games now, you can’t blame ’em. That’s why it’s how it’s been covered.

The movie Concussion. Mike Webster and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s an evolution that nobody was gonna be able to stop. And, you know, once the left — this is a universal truth — once the left sees something that needs to be fixed, look out. They never fix anything. They just identify something and break it and then make it worse. Nothing is ever resolved. And they’re never happy with whatever result they are given.



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