Limbaugh: Immigration Bill Designed To Destroy GOP

RUSH: This is, I don’t know if you could call it the fear that some people have in the House that this is what’s gonna happen, because the leadership could appoint whoever the conferees are. So the original Republican-passed bill in the House could end up not looking at all like what was passed.  Conferees, once again, could agree to anything.  But then it has to go back to both houses and be voted on again.  One single bill, which the theory goes, after conference would look pretty much like the Senate bill.  And the reason, so goes the fear or the theory that it would pass the House, is that there are enough Republicans in there scared out of their pants that if they vote against it, that they’re gonna be portrayed as anti-Hispanic and that they’re never gonna get any Hispanic votes, and they’re gonna be a minority party forever.  When, in fact, if what I’ve just laid out happens, you can — go to California and try to find the Republican Party.  They’re there. 

They’re there.  But you don’t hear from ’em much, and you need the Hubble telescope to find them.  That’s what this bill from the Democrat standpoint is designed to do is to destroy Republican Party.  And even Senator McCain has admitted that the Senate bill will not get the Republicans one additional Hispanic vote.  But the senator says that the advantage is it gets us in the game. It gives us credibility with the Hispanic community, and therefore it enables us to compete for their votes with credibility, because we will have shown that we don’t hate them.  Now, I don’t know about you, folks, but you go through your life trying to demonstrate to others that you don’t dislike ’em, don’t hate ’em, as opposed to a positive, here’s-what-we’re-for agenda.

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