Limbaugh: If Huma Bails, What Does That Make Hillary Look Like?

CALLER JANET:  What ridiculous things. (giggles) Well, okay.  I thought you were marvelous yesterday but I always think you’re marvelous.  I’m probably your biggest fan.  The way you spoke, I hope that 24-year-old girl that’s afraid of you was listening to you when you reeducated her on real women.  Hillary Clinton owns that marriage of Huma and Weiner.  You were the one who, in the nineties, was explaining in proper ways why we needed to hold Bill Clinton accountable.  You were called every name in the book, and you still are to this day.  I mean, I started listening to you because of Sidney Blumenthal telling me you had a problem on C-SPAN with strong women.  My gosh, you adore them! (giggling)

RUSH:  Boy that’s for sure! I do. (laughing)

CALLER JANET:  (laughing)  Rush, the reason they have to bail out Huma is to save Hillary’s chances for 2016, because if you are able to connect the dots from Huma to Hillary, and you look at Hillary’s original —

RUSH:  That is an excellent point.  If Huma bails, what does that make Hillary look like?  Because everybody knows that Huma is Hillary’s body person.

CALLER JANET:  And Bill married them!

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Listen to the full caller segment featuring Janet from Shiloh, Illinois, because in the view of DailyRushbo she is the ‘Best Rush Caller Ever’

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