Limbaugh: I Was Praising Rubio On His Unalterable Position On Border Security

CALLER ANNETTE: Right now I feel like I’m a woman without a party.

RUSH: I Know how you feel. But I’m never going to betray myself or you. Never ever. What I said in the first half hour of this hour about immigration is exactly what I think about it. It’s an assimilation issue, it’s a cultural issue and I’m, I don’t have time to go through it all here again, but I don’t know what you’re afraid you heard yesterday, but If you heard, or if you’re afraid that you heard, that I somehow bought into amnesty, no way, any way shape manner or form. What I was praising Rubio on was what I heard as his unalterable position on border security as a first step, and if that doesn’t happen he’s not voting for this. That’s what I was Praising him on.


Limbaugh: Puzzling Media Reaction To Rubio Interview

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