LIMBAUGH: “I Am Not Going To Be Led By The Nose By Mueller And His News Media Cronies”

RUSH: What’s happening here, folks, is pretty much what always happens and what has been happening in the Drive-By Media since election night. There is an attempt to misinform the public, the part of the public that gets its news from the Drive-By Media. And sadly, that’s still a sizable portion of the public. Be it CBS, be it CNN, be it ABC, be it the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo News, the AP, it doesn’t matter.

Whatever portion of our population that watches or reads or listens to news from that cabal is now under the impression that step one in nailing Trump colluding with Russia has happened because this is the way it’s being reported. Except that is not what has happened, and I’m relatively confident that those of you who regularly listen to this program know that without my having to remind you. You are up to speed, you’re informed, and you’re educated on the ways and means of the Drive-By Media and what their objective here is.

You know full well that the objective of what we now affectionately call the swamp, Washington, DC, and its members in the establishment, their objective is to get rid of Donald Trump one way or the other. Their objective is to overturn the election of 2016 one way or another. So what has happened to facilitate that?

Well, you are supposed to be focused. The Drive-Bys are trying to focus you and as many people as they can on the indictment and arrest of Paul Manafort. I, however, am not going to be led by the nose by Robert Mueller and his news media cronies. Now, Mueller and his cronies illegally leaked — and this is from Trey Gowdy, not me — illegally leaked that someone was gonna be arrested back on Friday. Remember the bzz bzz bzz bzz that began. And it was leaked to CNN, and we now know unequivocally that CNN has close, close ties to Fusion GPS.

People that have worked at Fusion GPS have worked at CNN. People that have worked at CNN have been places prior to that where they hired people at Fusion GPS. It’s an incestual and it is a revolving door for ranking members of the establishment inside Washington, D.C. So the leak was illegal. The purpose of the leak was multifaceted. The first purpose of the leak was to distract you from the growing awareness that it was the Clinton campaign that hired and practically wrote the Trump dossier.


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