LIMBAUGH: History Of The ’80s Is Repeating Itself

RUSH: The new onset panic over what appears to be a desired nuclear arms race by Donald Trump.

I am watching the history of the eighties begin to repeat itself.  For those of you that were not old enough in the eighties when Reagan was president, or for those of you not yet born, do not doubt me.  What is happening here as the result of one Trump comment on the nuclear arms race involving Putin and Sean Spicer, it is identical, the left is, to the way they were panicked and afraid and just basically unhinged back in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, the threat, according to the left, was Reagan.  Reagan was a dunce, an idiot, a cowboy, and he cracked jokes about bombing the Soviet Union, and he hated communism and he thought that it ought to be done away with. And so the learned people in our country and in the U.K. and what then became the European Union, all believed that the savior, the salvation, the lone hope to avoid a nuclear holocaust was whoever was running the Soviet Union.

And of course those guys kept dying.  And that led to the ascension to the Kremlin throne of Mikhail Gorbachev, and he literally became Christ-like to the left in terms of his lone ability to make sure that Reagan didn’t blow up the world.  We had Hollywood celebrity children that would go on the then Phil Donahue show and literally break down in hysterical tears telling everybody that they had no idea what it was like to grow up with the threat of nuclear holocaust hanging over them every day.


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