RUSH: You get to Mrs. Clinton, and look what we have learned about her.  Look at what we have confirmed that we thought we knew about her.  A serial, untruthful liar. A person who is driven solely by ambition.  She and her husband’s primary objective in remaining in public life after his presidency was to get personally wealthy, to get personally rich — which they’ve done operating a charity.

We have learned about things that we all suspected regarding the collusion between the Democrat Party and our mainstream media.  We now know that everything we suspected and more was true.  We’ve learned a heck of a lot, and there’s no going back, because the things that have propelled people to support Donald Trump and overlook whatever many people think are his weaknesses and problems…

The things that are propelling people are substantive, issue-oriented items that relate directly to the kind of country we are going to have, the kind of people and country we are going to be.  And that movement — whatever you want to call it: Populism, nationalism, conservatism light, whatever it is — isn’t going anywhere.


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