LIMBAUGH: ‘Grand Jury Tampering Par Exsalonce’ In Ferguson

RUSH:  It can’t be!  It can’t be! The timing of this? Why after a week, all of a sudden does this show up?  Why is it only one person, who didn’t hear the shots for real? He was so into his sex chat with his babe that it wasn’t until reviewed the sex the chat that he said, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.”  How come nobody else heard 10 shots?  Do you think…? Where’s the evidence of the other four shots in the autopsy? 

They could have missed him?  But the gentle giant was running back… Oh, wait he was running away.  No, but we know he wasn’t running away.  No, we know he wasn’t running away.  This is this is jury tampering par excellence.  This is grand jury tampering. This is who knows what’s going on here.  But, Jerry, I appreciate the call. 

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