Limbaugh Explains How The Clintons Stole Money From Haiti’s Earthquake

RUSH: Also I got an email from somebody who doesn’t understand how the Clintons were able to profit or steal money from the Haitian earthquake, and it was in the context of Clinton scandals and the emailer had heard this happen, and can’t imagine how that would happen.  Let me tell you how it works.  The Haiti hurricane — not Matthew, but the one prior to that was so destructive — when it happened, Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.  The Department of State is where the decision is made on aid money and where it goes and how much.

Now, there’s a budget item, and the line item happens to be the Department of State.  That’s the area of diplomacy and foreign aid, this kind of thing.  So, with Mrs. Clinton in charge, she allocates money for, say, rebuilding of homes and other structures, rebuilding of roads.  Yeah, be with but who’s gonna do it?  They don’t have any construction companies in Haiti.  They’ve all been destroyed, too.

Well, the way it works is, Hillary appoints government money and then hires donors to the Clinton Foundation who run construction companies, energy companies, supply companies. The people that donate to that foundation are huge.  They get the contracts.  Federal money from Hillary Clinton’s State Department to their donors to go to Haiti and do the work. They do the work, but as you can see the second hurricane goes through and everything’s destroyed again.  So these donors get the original contracts to do the repair work in Haiti.

What do they do with the money?  Well, clearly they keep some of it and they donate some of it right back to the Clinton Foundation.  That way the Clintons can say they’re not personally profiting. And then when you learn that a full 7% of the Clinton Foundation budget is salaries and travels and entertainment? No, I’m sorry: 9%.  Seven percent is what gets donated to charity.  So that’s how it works.  So money from the federal Treasury ends up at the Clinton Foundation.

It goes through Haiti and then to contractors and suppliers hired by the State Department (i.e., Hillary) who are donors to the foundation, and then they, with some of that money, turn some of it around in additional donations to foundation.  So it’s a circuitous route, but that’s how your tax dollars end up at the Clinton Foundation.  She gets to do that any time there’s a disaster where we are spending money around the world, and she is secretary of state.  And that is how it’s done.


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