LIMBAUGH: Eugenics Now Introduced Into Health Care Debate

RUSH: Jonathan Gruber, MIT, who was an architect of Obamacare, was on NBC with F. Chuck Todd.  I’m just teasing this.  Do you remember Dick Gephardt talking about the winners of life’s lottery?  In Gephardt’s world, the winners of life’s lottery were the rich.  If you win a lottery, you’re what?  You’re lucky and nothing more.  You’re just plain lucky and that’s not fair.  And Gephardt portrayed the wealthy as the winners of life’s lottery, basically saying that is the essence of unfairness, just getting rich by luck, as his primary justification for confiscating income from them via ever increasing taxes.

Well, Mr. Gruber, the architect, it is said, of Obamacare, the professor at MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has now introduced eugenics into this entire health care debate by suggesting that there is a lucky gene pool.  How did he phrase it?  The winner of life’s gene pool lottery or some such thing.  So what he’s getting at is that the healthy are lucky. The healthy, who don’t have to spend as much on health care, the lucky, who are only lucky because of their genetics, we have to tax them more. We have to get more from them. The healthy have to pay the freight for everybody who is unlucky, who has bad genes, and because of that they get sick more often.  This is Margaret Sanger territory we’re getting back to here.  This guy is introducing eugenics.  And of course he is special.  He himself is an elitist, genetically, and therefore will be exempt from whatever plans he has for the winners of life’s genetic lottery.  I mean, wait ’til you hear this.

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