LIMBAUGH: Donna Brazile Feared For Her Life After Seth Rich Murder Because “She Knows These People”

RUSH: So here’s Donna Brazile, who’s who? Well, she is an insider to beat all insiders. Donna Brazile is more inside this organization than anybody in it.

She has been a Democrat who has run campaigns. She has been a spokesman for candidates and presidents. She ran the Gore campaign in 2000 coming out of the Clinton White House. She has been intimately involved defending and promoting Democrat Party politics on CNN and throughout the Drive-By Media for 25 or 30 years, and before that she was intimately involved in the Democrat Party, before she became a media figure. She is big in the Democrat Party.

So she’s coming out now and she says the Seth Rich murder haunted her to the point that she felt the need to close her shades, that she feared for her own life. Now, if there’s anybody — here’s the critical thinking part. This is the part that’s supposed to dazzle you. If there’s anybody that knows these people, it is Donna Brazile. There’s no two ways of looking at this.

She feared for her life after a random robbery gone bad that left a man dead. She feared for her life after a random crime, senseless, needless, random crime left a former member of the DNC staff dead. She feared for her life. Donna Brazile knows these people. Donna Brazile is these people. So that’s why this is eerily curious and interesting.


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